Thursday, November 13, 2008

Finally, the media has come to accept that Sarah Palin is not the dumb lady they wanted everyone to think she was. She was unfairly treated by the media and its high time that she got some apologies and some recognition. I dont think she is going anywhere and they are going to have to get used to her being a GOP favorite. If I were her, I would take her Gov spot until 2010 and then run for Stevens's Senate seat and give it about 8 years. I think she could get back and that time, be on the top of the ticket. I am glad to see the GOP regrouping, refocusing and gathering their wits about them. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise, although looking at the reaction on Wall Street, the Obama kool aid seems to be wearing off. He cant make sharp left decisions and blame the economy for too long! We shall see.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Well the fall out from Tuesday has been minimal. There are a few staffers who can not admit defeat so they are smearing Palin in the press to deflect. I knew that was bound to happen and was prepared for more of it. But the McCain and Palin camps have been quick to squash those rumors and hold their heads high, pledging to support our new president. Both conceded with grace and class and I felt really good about that. There have even been some immediate changes that I have witnessed that seem to be the norm as the days go by. I am reading more and more about African Americans releasing their self imposed limits now that an African American has broken the boundaries of politics. Even though they didn't need a black man in the white house to tell them they were capable of doing whatever they put their minds to, it does seem like now the excuses are unfounded and they broke out of whatever invisible chains they believed existed. So the racial divide now isn't as I thought it would be. If this means more inner city kids work harder in school and strive to be whatever they can dream to be, then I think a great deal of good can come from this.

As for his first few days as president elect, Obama has had a mixed bag. The world is happy and I have seem some outrageous headlines like "president of the world" which I cant for the life of me figure out. He won an election and got Bush out of the white house, but he hasn't done anything so great to receive such accolades. The stock market crashed two days in a row. The first time in history the market tanked the day after a new president is announced. Russia also set its sights on Poland and Obama named a foul mouthed partisan as new Chief of Staff. So much for reaching across the aisle. Rahm Emanuel, according to reports, "Nicknamed "Rahmbo," he once mailed a dead fish to a Democratic pollster who got on his bad side during a long-ago congressional race. Outraged over what he regarded as disloyal Democrats during Clinton's first presidential campaign, he stunned dinner companions by rattling off names of the offenders, each time stabbing the restaurant table with a dinner knife and shouting, "Dead." Nice.

He is also considering positions for John Kerry. Cant wait to hear what for. The short list reads like a Saturday night book burning club. I cant wait till he takes away all limits on abortions and bans guns and the word God from the English language. But I will be fair as I said before. He is my president. I will support him and I will pray for him. I will stand up as an American and join in my show of unity, but I will be watching. And if he makes a hard left right out of the gate, then we will know what the next four years will look like.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My New President

Well I guess we all saw it coming and had pretty much come to terms with it. So it wasnt a big shocker when Obama became our president last night. I had prepared for it. His speech was elequent and he did go ahead and lower his expectations so I dont think he will be able to keep his campaign promises...politicians very rarely do. But he is my president. I didnt vote for him and I am not happy about it but he is my president and I will give him the chance to prove me wrong. I love America way more than I dislike Obama.

We will see over the coming months as he appoints his cabinet if he stays true to his ultra liberal roots or if he continues to move to the center as he did throughout his campaign to please the majority and get elected for a 2nd term. I will continue to blog and keep my loyalty to God, Family, Country and maintain my conservative beliefs.

In good news, Lamar Alexader and Marsha Blackburn won the senate seats in TN and Chris Smith was re-elected in NJ. So we have enough Republicans in play for a fillibuster. Now we move forward as a nation hopefully united and see where this takes us.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today's the Day

I apologize for being MIA for a few days, I have fallen ill and was down for the count. But I woke up earlier than I would have liked to today, got to my polling station at 7:15am and cast my ballot for John S. McCain and of course Chris Smith! I feel good about it. Am I worried about the Kool Aid drinkers who really have been hearing, but not listening? Yes. I am . I would be lying if I said that I was not concerned that the left winged media hadnt endocrinated the public with lies and mistatments in order to fufill their agenda to get Barack Obama elected. I admit that I have hope in my heart that America will make the right choice today and when I wake up tomorrow, McCain will be our next president. But I admit that it is a tough uphill battle and a little piece of me has tried to reconcile that there is a good change that Obama will win. I cant for the life of me understand why people still aren't hearing the truth! They fell victim to the celebrity status, coupled with some missed opportunities by McCain, and failed to hear the message loud and clear. There will be no tax breaks for 95% of the country. 40% of them dont pay taxes to begin with so of course they want Obama to win. As if the welfare system wasnt already a disgrace and abused. And 70% of the taxes in this country are already paid by the rich. Since when was it a crime to be sucessful? Now they are going to be punished even more and the people who are barely meeting Obama's middle class standard (which has changed 5 times in the last two weeks) will loose any footing they might have had. I am included in that category. So what is to happen to me? While my husband and I have a combined income in the $100K range, by the time NJ taxes our taxes, there isnt a lot left. So how much more would I have to give up? At which point do I say one of us quit our job so we dont loose more money? Why again should I have to give up what I worked so hard to achieve and give to someone who has had an equal opportunity to do the same. I am no more sucessful than the next person because I am a white female. I worked my way through college, started with a terrible low paying entry level job and clawed my way to where I am with hard work and determination. And now I am expected to feel bad about it?

I will say it now, not on the basis of race, but on policy, if Obama wins today, this country will see a great divide like it has never seen. The people like those I mentioned above, will suffer and those who are seeing more of their hard earned money get taken away and the introduction of big government into our lives, dictating how we invest our money and get our health care will get angry. If how Obama has operated his campaign is any indication of how his presidency will be, then we are in for a world of hurt. He has broken spending records left and right, gone after people who have quetioned him or not supported him. Are we turning into a country where you dont have the right to have a differing opionion than the president? Are you telling me that three reporters that got kicked off his plane because their paper endorsed McCain was purely coiensidence? That people illegally went through Joe the Plumber's personal records and dug through his trash looking for dirt was fair? The guy just wanted an answer and didnt like what he heard and now he is treated like an enemy of the state?

I hope we get it right today.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I guess I am watching the Disney Channel tonight!

This is absurd! Obama shakes the hands of the people who are hurting the most and tells them he knows how they are feeling and what they are going through and then turns around and drops $1million on each network??? AFTER he broke his promise and WENT BACK ON HIS WORD on campaign reform and spending?!?! Is this a preview of what's to come? I hope the people get scared not inspired about the direction this campaign is going because it is like getting a scary preview of what could come to pass. He is writing millions of dollars in checks and further removing himself from the people he claims to want to help so much! I wish the people would open their eyes and see this! How can you claim to be one of them when you are so far removed from them. And NOW Joe Biden brings the income down of the families who are going to have to foot the bill for his welfare tab???? Thats middle class! He is basically telling the American people what I have always known and that is that they are going to suffer the most to give a "hand out" to those who need it more. I guess if Obama wins then I will quit my job and just wait for the check to come because that seems like the Obama plan for sucess. It is making me sick to my stomic!

And people are hanging Sarah Palin dolls in effigy and calling her and her family names, ringing her through the coals and someone even made a porno tape with a look alike and when a serious news reporter asked Joe Biden to explain the spread the wealth theory he stormed off like a little girl and the Obama train shut down the network, banned them and shunned them and now they are sending people to go after the reporter like they did when they were pissed that Joe the Plumber asked his question! This is a preview people! Its scary! Open your eyes! If this man is elected and he is questioned, what is going to happen? Are we simply not allowed to ask questions that we need answers to? Is it ok to disgrace Palin but the mere questioning of Obama, when the left biased press hasnt been asking because the people want to know, is off limits. Hello? Am I the only one who is freaked out by this? Is he going to swear in on the korran and then wear his golden crown and turn this country into a doctatorship where the best way to make a living in this country is to quit your job and let the government and rich people take care of you? Open your eyes people!

Well although I have never put much into polls, I have noticed they are closing and with the margin of error, they are neck and neck. I think there are certain strongholds that Obama will get, but I think the heart and soul of this country is going to do the right thing and elect the man with a record, with heart, with character and the best judgement. The man who always put his country first! Vote John McCain!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Actions speak louder than words. My mom taught me that!

I have election fatigue. Its what happens when Liberals spend all of their time, and now their money to spread lies and spin tales to the unknowing public. I cant write much more today because I have literally had it with trying to debunk the latest lies and tall tales and most importantly point out the obvious.

There is a report out now that the GOP campaign paid 150K for Sarah Palin's campaign wardrobe. And people are up in arms. Even Fox news reported on it. Will you give me a break?? When is this woman going to have to stop defending these stupid allegations. And what if it's true?? Who cares??? Because Barack Hussein Obama has shattered every campaign spending record to date. And just booked a 2 Million dollar extravaganza that will rival his DNC finale. No one is talking about that? Why??? Because he gets a free pass at everything. No one made a big deal about Biden's comment about Obama being tested in the first 6 months. MSNBC refused to air the comment. And the blundered CNN misquote from the reporter who was interviewing Palin was just removed from the air, they didnt even apologize to her. It's maddening and the fact that people are turning a blind eye to this mess makes me feel like I am the only sane person in a land full of people on LSD! Maybe watching too much CNN or MSNBC of NBC will do that to you. But I cant imagine the perks of watching the lowest rated news channels and networks. NBC came in behind 2 cooking shows! And last night was a serious demonstration in left winged media's agenda to get Barrack Hussein Obama elected.

Did anyone see the SNL skit? It was funny, I will give you that and they have done some skits including Obama in the past, but there were no paradies of him now. It was Will Ferrell posing as Bush and talking about his resounding endorsement of McCain. He looked into the camera and said, "when you are voting for McCain you are voting for Bush. Remember this face" It was terrible and one sided and NBC should have done another skit about Obama or some kind of fair sided parody. Will they? NO. They wont. But they WHINE AND MOAN about how Barack Hussein Obama gets hounded unfairly and treated bad. REALLY?!??! I dont think there is a terrible porn made to his likeness, horrible cartoons depicting him and his family, talk of his family or children?? And when he is ready to suspend his campaign for his sick grandmother, the press is practically driving him there. Another free pass for Obama.

I feel bad for his grandmother. I dont wish any harm or foul on her. She raised him and took care of him and has been portrayed as a strong and loving woman. Where he got his liberalism and black rage is a mystery to me, but nonetheless I am not and would not say anything against her. What I do want to point out is regardless of the reason why, he gets a free pass for coming off the trail and McCain gets pounded? Come on. McCain probably shouldnt have done it, but I can defend the move because a debate is not as important as the failing American economy. But he got berated for "not being able to multi-task". Well isnt this the same thing? I understand presidents have families and all families have crisis, but when you put on the President of the United States of America title, then you are President and that never stops. So this is just another example of him getting a free pass. The conservative reporters and GOP wont bring it up because they don't want to see cold. But it's a point worth making.

Thats all I can get through today. I can feel my blood pressure rising and I just dont want to get any more angry that I already am. John McCain is the right man for this country but people keep saying Obama is better for this and that. WHY??? How???? He hasnt done anything to prove this! He has no record!!! He was a FOUR year senator who spent TWO of those years campaigning. So what makes him better or more qualified? NOTHING!!! And you cant compare him to Palin because she is #2 and he is at the top if his ticket! Obama is running against McCain. Dont deflect people's attention by trying to put her at the top of the ticket. And if you do, then remind them that she has more Executive experience than he anyway!!

Actions speak louder than words. My mom taught me that!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Old Man Was on Fire Last Night!

John McCain came out swinging last night and got me fired up! He must have taken the advice of Dick Morris and Bill O'Reilly because he really came out and showed the American people why he is a great man and a better man for the job. I'm 100% sure the liberal media will cast him as angry after this debate which proves that in their eyes as well as in the eyes of their loony followers, he is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. In the first two debates he was boring and in this he was not. So what do they want? Nothing will make them happy because their minds are made up. I thought he keep Obama on the defensive last night and as Mitt Romney put it, "if you are explaining, you are loosing." And finally he said all the things we so desperately wanted him to say. Which of course made Obama say the things we wanted the American people to hear, which was he is more of the same tax and spend liberal that we can not afford.

Let me make my strongest point before I get too involved in more discussion. There was one moment last night when Obama made it crystal clear what type of leader he would be. The question was wither or not he would appoint a Supreme Court Justice to the bench if that candidate was pro-life. The issue at this point is not where Obama stands on abortion but more about the fact that he would pass over a Supreme Court Justice candidate who had opposing views as he. So the fact that Justice's must rule from the bench and not the heart-to follow the Constitution does not mean anything to Obama. He would appoint the Supreme Court Justice based on his own personal belief. Regardless of if it's the death penalty or abortion or any other matter, you can not, as a leader, inject your personal beliefs on an appointment to the highest court in the nation. It proved to me last night that he is neither bi-partisan nor interested in being so ever. He is going to liberalize this nation and we will enter a winter from which there is no escape.

Now, for as anti-abortion as John McCain is and as strongly he feels Roe vs. Wade be overturned, he said he would never inject his personal beliefs into the appointment of a Supreme Court judge. He would appoint someone to the bench to rule from the bench based on the Constitution. I don’t know why the post debate analysis didn’t touch on this at all. They were just so happy that it came up that they didn’t talk about the bigger picture and that is how each candidate would make appointments. John McCain would appoint with the best interest of the Constitution and Obama would appoint for his party. And let’s be honest, if he gets a liberal Judge in there and restricts all ban on abortions, then all abortions early or late would take place. Essentially birth control. And I really was proud of McCain who brought up the ban on the medical care for children born to botched abortions. He should have gone further with it explaining to people that Obama blocked medical care for these babies who were born alive 4 times. 4 times. And babies, who were born alive from a botched abortion, to Barak Obama, should be left to die. It is an argument that both pro-life and pro-choice believers should agree on. If a child is born alive, it should be afforded the medical help to give it a fighting shot. If you do not agree then you can go right to hell.

I thought the Joe the Plumber thing was good. Once Obama put the "spread the wealth" comment out there the damage was done. People may not understand income re-distribution but they know what spread the wealth around means. I worked hard for what little I have. It is not the place of the federal government to take that away from me and give to someone who did nothing for it. Joe the Plumber should support John McCain if he wants to own his own business. And that’s a whole other issue for health care which I will discuss later. What I am getting at now is that McCain finally stood up to Obama and said "listen to his words". People are so gaga over his presence for whatever reason that they aren’t listening to what he has to say. I heard "blah blah blah blah tax and spend. Blah blah blah tax and spend." If there was ever an argument to be made about "more of the same" it is in the message for which Obama stands for. The same rhetoric that all Democrats make. I remember Bill Clinton saying something about not wanting to raise taxes too! He keeps saying we need to invest, we need to find, we need to.....etc. John McCain called him out on that too. Stop saying we need to invest in things and find solutions for. Throwing money at it isn’t going to solve anything. You have to stop what isn’t working. Period. John McCain is going to do that. Not waste my tax dollars funding new and useless projects.

One are that I did not think McCain went far enough was on Sara Palin and the charge that the Obama camp was dirty and disrespectful. He told us all very eloquently that being called a racist by the Senator, and I am sorry his name escapes me. He compared McCain/Palin to the likes of George Wallace. That was wrong and Obama should have issued a statement offering an apology and repudiated the statement and he did not. And when McCain called him on it, he tap danced around it and never actually apologized. Sure both camps are getting nasty and that is the nature and culture unfortunately of politics, but there are some things that are inappropriate and down right wrong and that was one of them. I watched McCain defend Obama at a rally and Obama should have done the same and he didn’t. Where I think McCain should have gone further was in the personal attacks against Sara Palin. How the Obama camp and his loonies are digging through her trash, calling her husband and family names and making obscene t-shirts and comments about her. It is disrespectful to her and he should call for an end to it. The claim that Biden made about her not being a good mom should have been repudiated as well.

The relationship section was another area I thought McCain held back on. He didn’t even mention the most convincing liberal anti-American relationship and that is the one with Rev. Wright. I have said time and time again that Obama publicly acknowledges a 20 year relationship with him. He gave counseling and guidance to Obama. Are you to tell me that in 20 years Obama never heard him talk like that? That Rev. Wright and Rev. Flagel who is worse, looked out in the pews to see if Obama was there before spewing this nonsense? NO. I don’t believe for one second that is true. And all of the sudden Obama distances himself from the Reverend for his own political safety. It doesn’t matter what religion Obama or any candidate is, the question is of judgment and character. Who you choose to surround yourself with and who has been influential on your life in the past and will do so in your future. And for a potential president of the USA has a personal reverend who says "God Damn America" then to me, that is unacceptable. I know because I read and follow politics that Bill Ayres bombed buildings long ago and Obama was not a part of it then. No one has made that connection and should not. The problem that I and many others have with the relationship is that IF Obama knew about the bombings and that Bill Ayres is unrepentant, then why would he associate with him? In 2001, Ayres said he wish he had bombed more than he did. So this is not a case of a rehabilited criminal. It is a man who no longer bombs, but isn’t sad that he did and wished he had done more. And Obama DID kick off his political career in Ayres's living room and they didn’t just meet a few times they worked on bills to get racially motivated legislation passed in Chicago as well as a "two times and your out" policy for dangerous juvenile delinquents! So if you kill someone or commit a dangerous crime you get a second chance to do it again before they want to prosecute you? The question is of character.

And I have to start a new paragraph on Acorn. Obama flinched when it came to Acorn and he flustered over the answer. I think he knew to be prepared for it but I don’t think he was convincing or honest. His campaign gave them thousands of dollars and he provided legal council for them. He didn’t mention that. They are under indictment in 10 states and he hasn’t said anything about that. And as a community non-profit, why is a candidate giving them such amounts of money and why are the accepting it. The Acorn people are trying to spin this as a Republican attack but they are only making themselves look foolish and basically hoping that Americans are too stupid to notice. Are you kidding me when you register people 70+ times and you make up false voter registration and you register criminals and dead people? Some how I don’t think that is a Republican scare tactic, that is a corrupt organization which needs to be shut down.

Ok, I have spent an hour out of my day doing this and I really need to get to work, so I will continue with part 2 later.....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And I am the Winner!

So to follow up with my previous post, the findings were convincing enough that my company has declined the offer to campaign for Obama. I dont know if it was because of my findings and string arguements or if they know that it is operationally impossible at this late stage in the game. Either way, I am glad that is off the table and I wont have to "respectfully" disagree to do my job.

And tonight is the night. I dont believe polls and I dont put much faith in the liberal main stream media. Of course they have Obama packed and ready to move into the White House already. But there is still three weeks until the election. October suprise or not, I believe the people are getting the message that this country can't afford to have an Obama presidency. Literally and figuratively. I wish the media would have paid more attention to the "spread the wealth" comments he made to the plumber this week. If that isnt the definition of re-distribution of wealth then I must go back and read the dictionary. Obama went on to say that he wanted everyone behind that plummer to have a chance. Well they do. It's called the American Dream. And it means if you want it and you work hard, you will be rewarded. The American Dream is not handed to you or taken from someone else.

That Democratic sense of entitlement will be the end of this country as we know it. There is nothing at all wrong with me saying, "I work hard for what little I have. It took me a long time and a lot of work to get here and it's mine and I want to keep more of it!" I give to charity and help those down on their luck but it is NOT my job to help those below me. Everyone has a fighting chance. It was harder for me to get student loans than a lower class or poverty level student. I had to work and go to school. I have had to work hard to get where I am. No one did it for me. So why then should those behind me get more of what I have? What did they do to earn it? Nothing. And who is to say that the millions who refuse to break out of the welfare cycle and get an honest job or training will do so? They wont. They make more on welfare and if someone is giving it to them, then why stop? I am not being racist or judgemental but I have worked in urban areas and I see the cycle.

Just like health care. I dont believe health care is a right. Just because you are alive and live in this country doesnt mean that you should get health care handed to you. It's not the federal government's job to determine who gets it. You get it through gainful employment or buy it out of pocket. It is a broken system and needs to be fixed and affordable, but it is not the right of everyone to have it. Just like it's not everyone's right to have a college degree, own a home or to be making 6 figures by the time they are 40. To quote the Weekly Standard and our most famous document, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with inherent and inalienable rights; that among these, are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." That means we are free and we have the right to pursue our lives. It doesnt say, that if you arent in a certain percentile the government will step in. Of course if Obama is elected..we can be sure that not only will it happen, but we will loose some rights as well. Be on the lookout for my Fairness Dcotrine criticism.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Columbus Day Parade

Today I had the unique opportunity to walk with Congressman Chris Smith in the Hamilton Columbus Day parade. I showed up to headquaters this morning instead of the fire house as instructed and got to ride to the parade with the Congressman, where we talked shop. He asked me point out what I thought of the bailout. I told him bluntly I didnt support it and I thought that the companies and greedy CEO's should have been held accountable. He voted against the bailout and agreed. We talked shop for a few more blocks. I felt like a rockstar. Only I would get nerdy about riding with a Congressman. But it re-affirmed my support for his re-election. He is a friend of the veterans which was obvious every time we past a group of them. They called his name and offered hugs and handshakes. The elderly waved to him and he would rush over to talk to them and really listened to them. And most of the volunteers today were under 25 which is a promising view of the youth of America today. They arent all selfish entitled brats. We all discussed the importance of this election and the dangers of an Obama presidency. The world socialist came up alot. People really are scared.

What also was also re-established was a sense of community. I love my small town. Yeah yeah I live in Jersey minutes from the turnpike and all, but you would be suprised by the lanscape of New Jersey once you go south of the 95 cooridor. We are a small town. And while I am still new here, I saw people greeting each other, generations relating to one another. Shop owners and church goers picking up where they left off. It is the type of community that I realize I have been desiring for so long. I left a small town down south because I wanted to be in the big bad city. While I am still a city girl at heart, I love the fact that the same two old men sit outside my Dunkin Donuts and now that the Phils are winning, that crowd has grown. The kids inside DD know my order by heart. I love that I know all my neighbors and we look out for one another and when I do have children I know they will be in good company.

But the reason I went off on that tangent is because the Congressman and the McCain/Palin ticket brings back that feeling not felt with the Bush administration. I think I can speak for most of America when I say we felt like he wasnt looking out for us and our interest wasnt at heart. I think this ticket represents a present that looks a lot like better times in the past. Neighbor helping neighbor, all going through the same things. No entitlement, just hard working people wanting to hold on to what little they have and save a little if they can. And I think the Congressman and McCain/Palin want to see that too.

The little boy in that picture and his parents walked with us today. He was sharp as a tack, that little one. A promising look to the future. He praised a woman loudly for wearing a pope shirt for being pro-life. He spoke at length with Congressman Chris Smith and he also watched the debates! He had a better understanding of the state of America under an Obama presidency than the left wing lunatics on the Obama Express. I found his interest refreshing and promising that my future is in good hands!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

High Hopes

I wish I could say with 100% that McCain won that debate. The awful truth is that no one did. It's like the body snatchers came and took them both and replaced them with droids. They were dull and lifeless and good for inducing sleep. Dont get me wrong, McCain did a stellar job but he missed the opportunity to do much more. He doesnt have to come across like a bully, but he has so much ammo to work with and didnt use. All he has to do is talk more and more about higher taxes and socialized health care. He didnt even say it. He didnt mention past radical anti-American associations. Hell, ACORN is running wild openly admiting they cant prevent voter fraud in 10 states and no one is screaming for a stop to it nor are the making the association that Obama provided legal council for them plus they contribute to his campaign.

Back to the debate, I really am a little worried that McCain didnt do enough to explain the evils of an Obama presidency to the undecideds. I dont think he swayed anyone either way which is fine, but those who are on the fence are listening and he really needed to speak to them. I did notice that the Obama word of the night was "invest". Let's invest, we need to invest, we have to invest. Well the American people arent stupid. We can read between the lines. We know what that means. Investing means creating billions of dollars worth of new useless programs at the expense of the taxpayer. Investing isnt going to do anything but raise taxes. It sounds new and exciting but it is the same old song and dance of the Democrats and look where that got us Mr. Clinton!

So I agree with O'Reilly when he called this one a tie. And I hope and pray that he pulls out all the stops in the final campaign. Maybe that is when McCain is waiting to bring out the big guns. It will be the closest debate to the election and it will resignate on people's minds when they go to the booth on Nov. 4th. The polls arent scaring me, but the amount, or lack of information the people still dont know scares me. Someone asked me recently why McCain stands like he does. I thought everyone knew he was a POW and broken bones were a way of life for five and a half years. That means that not everyone is getting the message. The message needs to be more clear and pronounced and he needs to end the debate and campaign on that one message that people will really take home and sleep on. Does this country stand a chance with a radical left wing President and can we afford that shift? He needs to really seperate himself from Bush and prove that Obama's four more years mud slinging is just that. People are tired of Bush and I am one of them. McCain needs to make more mention of how he seperates from his party when the best interest of the people are at stake.

Finally, I want to say that those "hand selected" people in Nashville are by no means an accurate representation of Nashvillians. I was truely embarrassed when I saw and heard these people on the town hall. They were so terrible and hickish. I am suprised none of them came in Confederiate uniform. And I am disapointed in my man Brokaw. Who really seemed to love himself more than anything.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tonight's the Night

I will be too tired to blog after tonight's debate because I am dogsitting the worlds most evil dog. So I will write about it tomorrow. But my hopes for tonight's debate is that McCain stays cool again but comes after Obama with more than before. He held back a lot during the first debate and I wish he had gone further. I want him to make Obama explain how his "tax cuts" arent really going to be tax cuts. And if the topic veers off to health care, how his plan is even more far left and radical than Hilary's plan. And I would love to see him ask him point blank, like O'Reilly did, about his past associations and most recent ones. Call out Ayers and Acron! Call out Wright and Flagel! Talk about his hands in the pot from Freddie Man and Fannie May. His hands are dirty. It's not just a matter of character, its a direct indication of how he would lead this country. I dont want my president sitting on boards with known terrorists to pass terrible bills. I dont want my president to have accepted money and provided council for an organization that commits voter fraud and most importantly, I dont want my president to slash the military leaving us vunerable and expect that the "hug it out" foreign policy will work. Finally I dont want a president who plays that old song and dance that has been re-branded and re-labled but we all know what it is-re-distribution of wealth. I live in NJ. I pay the highest taxes possible. I dont want to pay more. I work hard for what little I have and I would like to keep more of it. Thats what I call fair.

I promise I will use spell check also :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

And the winner is.....

I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that I, like others in the base, were a little concerned going into last night's debate with Palin. She had been locked away from the media by her handlers and the few sound bites we had unfortunately were not good. So maybe it worked to her advantage because expectations were low. She really did drill it home last night...pardon the pun. Look, it's no secret she doesn’t have 30+ years in the Senate with foreign policy experience....but neither does Obama! So she didn’t argue where she couldn’t. But she knows her stuff. And 30+ years in the senate does not a good VP make! Where she excelled was healthcare, education and energy. She spoke with that same mid-western straight talk my mom does and waved her finger at Joe Biden. It got under his skin. And when she needed to be comforting she was. It wasn’t fluff or show. It was the breath of fresh air the people want. They don’t want someone who can rattle off stats and facts (most of which were wrong and flat out lies). They want someone who knows where they are RIGHT now.

Palin hit the nail on the head when she talked about healthcare. And sitting around the table wondering how she would pay for it. Biden tried to relate but got off mark and it backfired. Look, I am sorry his wife and daughter died. I wouldn’t want that for anyone and my heart goes out to him, but with all do respect, he cant relate because he was in the Senate already when it happened so he had the best healthcare coverage money could buy. So no Joe, you don’t get it.

She further excelled during talk about becoming energy independent. She even got accolades from Joe Biden which is good for her, not good for him. I think that was when she was at her best because she got in there, rolled up her sleeves and shook down a corrupt Alaskan government and big oil. The people don’t like fat cats. They hate every time they go to the pump that they have to get it to go to work and live, but they are filling the pockets of the rich guys. They also want to be independent from the Middle East. We have our own resources and she made the case for all "all of the above" approach to alternatives to fuel. Joe just kind of stumbled around.

She missed a few opportunities to go harder after Obama and some of his policies. They did a delicate dance around the issue of gay marriage. I am glad that Joe came out and finally declared that Obama and he would not support gay marriage. And the sound you heard after that was the sound of all of Hollywood falling off that bandwagon. That is the one major fundamental disagreement I have with my party. While I take a pretty hard right on most issues, I think that all humans should have equal rights and that means the ability to enter into marriage with whomever you love.

I also wish she had pointed out Obama's anti medical care for babies born of botched abortions. Basically he says if you can’t kill them in the womb, then let them die when they come out. It's atrocious and we can’t let the US take such a shift left. With this or any other issue. And we all know about the tax man. He is named Obama. I have read his tax plan. And for Biden to get up there and look into the camera and say Obama is not going to raise federal tax or estate tax or capital gains tax is just like when I tell the credit card company the check is in the mail. I am usually lying. The capital gains tax alone could destroy what’s barely left of the housing market. People would have to raise the cost of the homes to make any money once Obama gets a hold of them. I pay an absorbanent amount of property tax in a heavily corrupt and Democratic NJ state. We can’t afford any more taxes from the federal level. Everyone knows the Democratic way is Robin Hood. Steal from the rich to give to the poor, only the Democrats have a skewed view as to what the definition of rich is. If Obama is elected then my husband and I in the 100K combined household income range would be prime targets for him to rob to give to the poor. Well if he took a look at my bank account, he would clearly see we fall into that category! But it doesn’t matter and it’s not called fair Joe! It’s called a re-distribution of wealth. Why should I work hard to earn what little I have only to have to share it with those who don’t? That is not me being mean, that is saying it will only encourage the already corrupt culture of “government assistance” which we all know as welfare. What in the world would motivate someone to get a job and get off it when people like all of us will pay them not too. Welfare should be a temporary fix to an unfortunate situation. A hand out to help you get up. Not a way of life.

I heard a joke that best described this not too long ago about a daughter who comes home from college indoctrinated with liberal ideals. Her father reminded her that she got a 4.0 GPA that semester. He said, your roommate got a 1.0 GPA. Why don’t you go to the school and tell them you want to give her 2 of your points. The daughter said, “I worked hard for my scores. I studies every night and rarely went out. She partied all the time, never went to class and didn’t care”. And the father said, “Welcome to the Republican party!” That’s my favorite joke.

Joe Biden may have been able to rattle of facts and stats (again most of which were wrong and debunked moments afterwards by Karl Rove) but again 30+ years in the senate does not a good VP make. He was dull and lifeless, spoke mostly to Glenn and on the offensive all night. Palin was clean and fresh and spoke to the American people. I am sure the crazy coasts won’t appreciate it, but the people of OH sure seemed to appreciate it. I want someone on my side working for me. Not someone who is entrenched in the ways of Washington. I want someone to stand up and speak out for my rights and what’s good for me and I don’t care if it's not spoken with a Harvard dialect. Actions do speak louder than words. Voting records and speeches on tape don’t lie. I don’t want my president to sit down willy nilly with a terrorist dictator. The consequences would be dire. Especially since Obama's first action would be to cut the military. And if anything bad were to happen during an Obama presidency, he would blame Bush and his sheep would follow. WE NEED A GOVERNMENT OF ACCOUNTABILTY! And she proved that the last four years were not what John McCain wants to repeat and that they were blunders. I think that resonates loud and clear with the American people. Honesty. Admitting that the last four years were disastrous. I know. I live here too. I am disenfranchised with the Bush administration and the only thing that will change perception of him is if he hands the head of Bin Laden to be on a silver platter. But the fact that she admitted it and made the parallels of distinct differences the people can finally stop listening to the same old tired talking points of "4 more years". It’s the last bit of ammo that Obama has and even that is fading as we speak.

The polls this morning were resounding with support for Palin. She is the Palin from the RNC that we all fell in love with. I wish there were more debates so she could drive the nail into the coffin of Biden a little more. But I hope the McCain camp unleashes her fury and lets her talk on every program that will have her so she can get her message out there. It's not four more years. Its real change. Change that we so crave and deserve. Someone needs to check their self interest at the door and go to work with me in mind. That person is John McCain!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another Day Another Stupid Person,2933,431617,00.html

Finally, someone is holding celebutards accountable for thier actions! I hate Sandra Bernhardt anyway because I think she is just obnoxious, but she made a nasty joke about Palin being gang raped in NY. And now that this organization is kicking her off thier bill for a show, she is saying she was taken out of context. How in the world does one make such a statement and then claim it was taken out of context? Bernhardt got what she deserved. Embarrassed and rightfully dismissed from performing at a womens shelter where some people have been victim to assault and would not take to kindly to hearing her joke about it at Palin's expense! Good for Rosie's place for looking out for the good of the every day people and for holding Hollywood accountable for their words for once. If only more people would come out and point out more wrong doings.....

Here is another story that gets my blood boiling. I have my own issues with teachers unions, but this is a blantant outright attempt to bully teachers into voting to the unions liking and wrongly persuading undecideds in the school and public. Supporting political candidates publically in the school is not for the teachers to do. They should encourage students to vote and be involved but not tell them who to vote for. I hope the parents stand up and are outraged by this act!

Tonight's Debate

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t upset by the idea of the moderator for tonight's VP debate having written a pro-Obama book already. I think it was irresponsible of her not to disclose to the debate committee that she has already written a pro-Obama book. I don’t know how in the world this got by them...or if it did, that they are ignoring it. I don’t think she can be fair and objective since she needs Obama to win for her book to be successful. I know Palin released a statement about how she thinks the moderator will be fair and objective, but that’s just playing nice. At some point tonight, if the moderator doesn’t acknowledge it, then Palin should.

Having said that, I don’t want to sound like a sore looser because the moderator is in the tank for Obama. I think Palin is going to do a great job if she loosens up and can be herself. The pit-bull we all saw at the RNC. I hope Biden goes in to the debate thinking he is more experienced and can win thing blindfolded and she drills him. I hope she is more ruthless than McCain was and rips into Biden about everything. About his comments about her not being a good mom, which would be an ace in the hole.

Also about how he voted differently on the war than Obama and the tax plan that would Fleece Americans-if I may borrow a phrase from Dick Morris. His plan for socialized medicine and slashing the military. I would love to hear her say, "so Joe, both of our sons are in ready to slash the military funding and have all hell break loose for an immediate pull out?" Then I wish she would say, so "when you were a single dad raising those two kids alone, did anyone question you about your ability to lead and be a good parent? And for that matter, when has anyone questioned Obama about being a good leader and a good parent?" I know these are triffle and insignifigant things, but she hasnt fought back and I would love to see her do that.

I would really love to see her throw down the gaunlet if the topic of abortion comes up. I know that Biden will question her in the worse possible scenerios but Palin should not falter. In fact she should deflect. How about talking about Obama voting no on a bill that would provide no health care for babies born from botched abortions. For the uneducated, that means that if the abortion doesnt "work" and the child is born alive, then he wants them to be left to die. So really, it's more like murder. Throw that in the voters faces and let them digest that one for a moment. It would really open the eyes of the undecided voters as to whats going on and how far to the left Obama wants to take this country one just some of the issues. We cant afford that.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I am Running out of Places to Go

So I went to the local Barnes and Nobel last night to pick up some books for my trip to Chicago next week. Talk about dropping into enemy territory! So an associate helped me find some items and initiated small talk. She was very friendly and helpful. That is until I brought my final purchases to the register. Then, in her eyes, we became mortal enemies. I bought Dick Morris's new book Fleeced: How Barack Obama, Media Mockery of Terrorist Threats, Liberals Who Want to Kill Talk Radio, the Do-Nothing Congress, Companies That Help Iran, and Washington Lobbyists for Foreign Governments Are Scamming Us ... and What to Do About It. I am not making something out of nothing nor am I even making this up. She picked up the book and read the title then opened the book and read the jacket and then sneered at me and made a disapproving face. After which she did not speak another word to me. I mean seriously? It's come to the point that Liberals won’t even engage us in friendly conversation? Let this prove my point that the great divide of this nation comes from that side. I utilized my "kill them with kindness" strategy which I think stings more than a tongue lashing. But it was ridiculous to see her go from friendly and helpful to nasty and immature-all because of the book I selected.

And while I am on the subject, I was walking around the political aisles and made a mental note that all of the end caps were full of books by and about Obama. No GOP analysis, nothing. Fair and balanced? I think not!

I don’t want to leave out my take away from the debate. I believe in my heart of hearts that McCain took this one home. I know Obama camp is touting victory so as to not admit the defeat he most certainly felt and also to keep up appearances for the Obama faithful who will stand behind him no matter what. Let's face it, if McCain is elected president and he balances the budget, ends the war, feeds the starving and cures cancer, they will still find ways to bitch and complain. But he wins because throughout the debate he was calm and collected and never got rattled. It was quite the opposite for Obama. McCain was smart to mention all of the experience he has with military operations since he began in 1983 and Obama couldn’t beat that. All Obama could do was rattle off the same tired old talking points, trying to align McCain with Bush, which any person with a brain can now see is just a scare tactic. Without that, Obama has nothing and McCain was clearly the victor.

The only thing I wished McCain had hammered home more was his decision to go back to Washington and do his job as a senator to take care of the financial crisis. I think his critics and Obama really tried to capitalize off it, rather unsuccessfully, but they tried to use that stupid "multi-tasking" argument. Of course McCain can multi-task but a debate is not a presidential duty. It is the right of the people to see the candidates face one another, but it can be rescheduled. The death spiralling economy was more important and Obama acted like a childish brat by insulting McCain for wanting to fix it. I want a president who goes back to Washington to fix a crisis, not who stays out of it to prepare for a debate.

The come to Jesus moment came at the closing of the debate. McCain got the last word. He lowered his voice, looked straight into the camera and said, "I know how to heal the wounds of war. I know how to deal with our enemies and friends." And that was all she wrote. McCain 100. Obama 0.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Was There Ever any Question?

The link is to the story about UMASS offering extra credit for students who campaign for Obama. Now I am giving them the benefit of the doubt that it's true that a visiting professor is the one responsable for the offer, but even so this does not suprise me in the least. And if gone unchecked, I am sure that it would have continued. Just another in many instances of the left wing loons endoctrinating the youth of America who cant think for themselves.

There was another story this week about a college professor, I forget which one, who was giving an assignment to his Freshman English class. Ok before I continue, let's all take a step back in time and remember English 101. It was writing stupid papers on topics like summer vacation and favorite animals. This professor assigned his students to write a paper on Palin. But not just on her, he wanted them to destoy her. He used vicious language and told them they were not allowed to support her, only bad things. When a few students objected to the assignment they were chastised. Of course the prof got in trouble and all is good and well in the world with one less loonie in the classroom. But it's disgusting that someone who is entrusted to open the minds of young people would instead try to instill them with false knowledge and most of all, hate.

The negative attacks havent stopped either. I didnt watch the Emmy's because I know better, but I saw the clips of the people who made fun of her. They weren't even intelligent about it. They were just making personal insults as if they were bullies on the school yard. Thats all they are too. But let me ask you this, how is making fun of someone's hair and glasses in any way intelligent or political minded? It's just not having anything good to say about the opponent because you cant make any argument for your candidate. And it used to make me mad when Hollywood celebs would say things like that. But then I remembered that it's people like me who pay their salary. So #1 I dont buy mags or see movies or watch thier networks. And #2 I just realized that they make idiots of themselves and alienate themselves from thier "fans" on thier own. So I just laugh now.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Every man

Yeah yeah yeah if I hear Barak Obama say John McCain is out of touch with the every man once more I will scream. Because he must know what he is talking about because the "every man" hobnobs with the highest paid and most radical of celebrities. He has further alienated himself from the every man by falling victim to his own hype. These are the very celebrities that US Weekly celebrates who have millions in cash, assets and live a life of luxury off the sweat of the backs of thier fans. Most of them dont appreciate the fans who spend thier hard earned babysitting money or minium wage job money or middle class folks who dont have a lot to spare. Its disgusting. And I hate attacks ads on both sides, but if I were John McCain, I would show Obama rubbing elbows with the likes of Barbara Strisesand who charged more money to attend her event than most of us make in a year and say "now who is out of touch with the every man".

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

God Bless John McCain

Part One

Did anyone see Hannity and Colmes last night? There was a guest on the show who had survived a botched abortion as a fetus and was born alive. She was taken to the hospital and adopted. This woman has gone on to live a normal life with CP being the only hinderance of her experience. She was on the show to talk about the bill that Obama vetoed 4 times to provide medical care to babies born from bothced abortions. That means that this woman and so many like her would be born alive and left to die or murdered. Thats not the kind of president I want. Someone who thinks its NOT ok to put that child into an ambulance and do whatever it takes to help that child make it!! If the crazy left winged biased media want to harp on Sarah Palin's parenting skills, then maybe they should take a long hard look at Obama's voting record. One has a pregnant daughter (so what) and knowingly gave life to a child with a disability. The other wants babies that were supposed to be aborted and werent be killed anyway. AFTER they are born!

Part Two
I got into a vicious debate today about how the media has been unfair moeslty to Palin but also to McCain. You cant argue that its not true. Sure they have been hard on all candidates but most of all Palin. I will point out obvious examples and if you can refute it, then I will streak down Rt. 1 at rush hour.

1. Claim that Palin cant be a good mom and VP. Made specifically by Bidden but others as well.
-no one questions Obama not being a good father to his girls or Joe Bidden being a single dad all those years ago. OH and Nancy Pelosi has 5 kids and no one cares.

2. The tone of SNL this week would be toned down and geared toward hurricane relief. Do says Loarne Michales and Obama canceled his appearance. But they mocked Palin? How is that no politics and/or geared toward hurricane efforts?

3. Palins daughter is pregnant how can she be a good VP. Well I dont have to repeat myself over and over. Just read my first post. But I can tell you that I would rather have a VP who has a knocked up daugther than a PRESIDENT with known associations with radical anti-Americanists and admited terrorists. DUH!

4. The latest one-John McCain doesnt know how to use email. Ok this is a new low. And its not a new story. He does use email but not for long periods of time DUE TO HIS WAR INJURIES. So Obama's camp should have fact checked before they smeared and then maybe focus on things that really matter to the American people.

5. John McCain said social security was dismal. Thats the new Obama ad. It is a direct misquote. McCain said the state of social security is dismal and thats why we need to do something to fix it now. That is blatant lies on the Obama camp and he endorsed the message.

6. The photographer from the Atlantic who admitted she mocked up a photo shoot to make McCain look sinister. Ok well that is only one photographer but its an example of the left winged press getting scared and knowing they have to pull out all the stops to try and get Obama elected.

7. The whole clinging to thier guns and prayer comment. Enough said.

8. The constant claim by Omaba camp that McCain voted with Bush 90% of the time. Well that was a statstic...for a whole year. Thats not his 30+ years in senate record! Again trying to scare the public because thats all they have!

9. My favorite one-Todd Palin got a DUI...22 years ago. So what. Obama has admited to abusing cocaine at the same time. Which is worse? And why should we care about any of it.

10. The worst is Jimmy Carter. Who was the worst president ever. Who actually had the balls to say that McCain was wearing out his POW experience. I know a lot of democrats dont share that view but they sure loved him at the DNC!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another day another attack!

I hate US Weekly but this morning I was bored and thought I would see what the left loonies were saying. And of course, Tina Fay's performance of her impersonation of Palin was top billing. Now the link above is what I found interesting. Obama canceled his appearance of the show so he could help out with the hurricane. So the producer, Lorne Micheals says "we will shift the tone of the show away from politics because of the hurricane". So does the Republican VP nominee not count? Is she fair game no matter what? I cant get over how the show business industry is so anti-McCain that even their own standards are skewed! Let's unite for the hurricane, lets do everything for the hurricane except if your a Republican. Its so obvious and the main stream American public isnt having it! I call for letters to be written, emails to be sent and boycotts to take place. We cant just blog about it and spin our wheels. There has to be a way to stand up and say we respect your differing views and know you cant be persuaded but you need to have balance if you are responsable for entertaining the public and ESPECIALLY if you are reporting the news! Charles Gibson that goes for you too! Thanks for being such a dick because it helped her and now there are more undecided voters who will now vote McCain/Palin. And all you did Gibson, was make yourself look like an jerk.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

You have to be kidding me!!!!

Click on the link to read the story. I cant in good faith write it out because it is so stupid. I cant believe that a major network would allow this garbage on thier site. I mean do readers really think that Sarah Palin would pose in an American flag bikini with an assault rifle? I know she has that gun toting persona but that doesnt mean she would actually pose in an American flag bikini with a gun? It just goes to FURTHER my point that the left biased media is so anxious to get Obama elected that they will do anything to scare the public. Not that this tactic would work because its so obviously fake that all it accomplishes is to make CNN look like a bunch of morons and adds more people to the "voting for McCain list." Come on this is out of control now. I know there is nothing that can be done about it, but the networks have to know that people arent going to have news delivered to them by such blantanly biased people and will turn to other sources or none at all.

Read the rest of the article to see more lies that CNN tried to spread and that were later debunked. You know Joe Bidden is sitting somewhere smiling because he is on the Obama ticket he somehow gets a free pass. Not so Joe! Wait till the debates!

I cant spend any more time on this bikini story or my head will explode. But I hope some journalism teacher somewhere is collecting all of this garbage so they can use in Jounalism 101 on what NOT to do!

I will cover the Obama session on the O'Reilly show this week after its all over.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Here we go again

Ok, I admit it. I turned on MTV last night because I was remotely curious to see what Britney Spears had planned. I dont usually watch the station and havent for years because it hasnt played music vidoes since flannel was in style. Its all garbage and tired reality shows. Anyhow, thats neither here nor there. I watch this host-this British host-open the show and within the first 10 minutes he is endorsing Obama and slamming Palin and calling George Bush "a retarded cowboy." People in the crowd were cheering. Of course, because Hollywood is always going to be on the left wing bandwagon. But it angered me that here was this guy, WHO ISNT EVEN A US CITIZEN, publically endorsing Obama on behalf of the network and then slamming the daughter of Palin and people were cheering. It is making me sick to my stomach just thinking about it. Even after Obama asked that the familes be off limits they wont shut up. Maybe because the polls dont lie and they are scared now!!! So I shut off the tv.

Then I turn it back on with the intention of changing the station right as that British dude claimes that the pregnant daughter of Palin was a PR stunt! And the applause was less boisterous but it was there. Can you believe it? That someone would go on television and actually accuse our VP nomination of getting her daughter to get pregnant as a politcal move. That is the lowest thing I have ever heard. I hope that the intelligent people who were watching can see through that enough to make thier own decision based on facts, no matter who they choose.

I hope the Obama camp publically denounces this guy and his comments as well as MTV. As for me, I will be writing more letters. If they do not denouce him and his comments then it will be obvious to the previously ignorant people that the media is left winged biased and now the personal attacks will be more frequent because they have nothing else. I hope that Sarah Palin and her family have the fortitude to recognize this and the grace and dignity to brush it off and hold thier heads high. Because even though there are dirtbags like this in the world saying mean things about her, she has more support that Obama. Polls dont lie!

So to the host of the VMA awards, I tell you to go back to England because your not funny and we dont care what you have to say anyway. Plus I am not too worried about it because no one watches MTV anymore anyway. Those that do have about 5 years until they vote anyway. I dont feel old saying I dont recognize any acts from the show because all of the manufactured boy/girl bands that MTV pumps out each year arent music or artists. Its a business and they are all sheep. Anyone who claims the Jonas brothers are talented should be lined up and shot.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Part II

This proves my point about the previous post...

And they're off...

Sorry I missed the day after the McCain speech...

But it's a testament to his speech that I am still pumped! It was a great convention and I felt refreshed and re-energized. McCain really stepped up for this one. I have seen him speak live before and he isnt the best public speaker. But good public speaking does not a president make! Palin set the bar pretty high and he delivered. I thought he made all the right jibes mixed with specific plans that Obama never made in his speech. McCain and Palin wrapped it up on Thursday and now the Dems are scared. As I mentioned in a previous post, they will resort to lies and smut because they cant get thier candidate elected on merit or accomplishment alone. SO they will make a mockery of the political process by publically tongue lashing a 17 year old girl and a 22 year old DUI, never mentioning Obama's ties to a known terrorist and America bashing radicals. Cause those things cant be more relevant to the campaign than the child of the VP candidate. Come on!

So in addition to this posting and the boycotting of Perez Hilton, I also wrote a letter to the editor of Us Weekly letting them know they lost me as a reader with the lastest cover. You mean to tell me that magazine that is for mindless entertainment gossup read in the check out line and poolside is now touting itself as a political minded rag? One week Obama and Michelle grace the cover with a lovely article like he is the second coming of Christ. This week they pound on Sarah Palin with a scandalous and MISLEADING cover. They arent in the tank for Obama are they? Even the website was nasty to Palin! They had a breaking news article that called for her to loose her glasses. NOT one mention of her PROVEN record in Executive office, which thier precious demi-god does not have. I guess cutting wasteful spending, standing up to corruption, tax cuts are not enough to get a nice glowing cover like Obama who has been at most an absentee Senator while he has spent most of his time in Senate running for president.

So If you feel the same way I do, I encourage you to get your smutty entertainment gossup elsewhere and tell US Weekly that biased unfair reporting will not be tolerated and they should not try to pass themselves off as a polticial publication. They should stick to what they know-make up and celebrity babies.

So the polls will be out next week and you dont have to be a brain surgeon to know that while Obama has this hold on the Hollywood elite and radical groups, the rest of the country isnt buying his change message anymore because there is no substance to it. As I said before, speaking abilities do not a good president make. I want a man who fought and almost died for this country- a real patriot. Who will proudly wear the flag lapel pin and who will stand during the pledge of alligance. I want a man who wakes up everyday and goes to work for the good of the country-not self. Now that the conventions are over we can all see through the smoke and mirrors. Obama is just a man. He cant walk on water or save the planet. He cant even admit that the surge worked. He has only 4 years in office and no record of signifigant legistlation. While he may be a better speaker, he is not a better candidate.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

And the winner is.....

Let me preface this entry by saying that I try to be fair in politics. While I have aligned myself with the Republican values since as long as I can remember, I try to be "fair and balanced" if I can take from the Fox news motto. I havent always voted Republican just for the sake of voting for my party. I research, read and listen to what the other candidates say because I do have the best interest of our country at heart. So before I give my 2 cents on last night, let me tell you that I watched every second of the DNC in Denver. I listened objectively to all the speeches. I watched the spectacle and therefore whatever I have to say about the RNC IS NOT based soley on support for the party. Its an actual side by side comparison. I spend so much time trying to prove the hypocracy of the media that I dont want to fall victim to it myself. So here goes.....

Last night I was moved for the first time in a long time. Speeches are always rousing and we feel all warm and fuzzy for the next day but then its back to the same old afterwards. Not this time. Sarah Palin is the business! She delivered and I wont be suprised when next week the polls show a huge lead over Obama. Palin is the breath of fresh air that we neededed and by we I mean the disenfranchised Republicans who are embarrassed by the failures of the Bush admininstration and who kind of felt lost. She re-energized the party and lit the fire under our asses so to speak. Palin envoked a range of emotions in me during her speech. I actually cheered at one point and sounded like Howard Dean "wheeew" and shed some tears and I got the chills a few times. All signs leading to an effective speech. And when it was over, I looked at Jeff, who was smiling too and said "she just won it". It's been a long time since I have been this excited about a candidate.

She appealled to everyone both men and women. To the women she is what we always knew women in power could be-both a mom and able to hang with the men. I see her standing up to evil dictators and then turning around and changing a diaper. She is more of a woman than Hillary, who I always joke about having an adams apple. We can all relate to her. Women of all backgrounds, marital status and career level can relate to her. She is like the Dolly Parton of politics. She is a bigger than life figure, but looking at her and hearing her speak you think you could sit down for a cup of coffee with her and be bff's. At the same time I saw the look on Newt Gingrige's face a few times. I think he and some other powerful men were covering thier crotches in fear because she is a ball buster. She went after the Dems like a mother fending off an attack on her young...and between the lines thats what she did. She did it through humor and it was effective.

I loved hearing her talk about her accomplishments in Alaska and not afraid to call Obama what he really is...inexperienced. She proved my point that if the media cant get thier candidate elected on merit and accomplishment, then they resort to lies and striking fear into the hearts of voters. She talked about how as a mayor and govenor she was responsable for things that Obama can only talk about. And I LOVE that one of the ways she cut wasteful spending was to put the Executive jet on Ebay!!! I can go on and on about what else I liked about it or about the fact that there was 6 minutes of thunderous applause for her after the speech NOT included the roar when McCain came out on stage, but I am at work and have to do what they pay me to. But today at work I hold my head a little bit higher and with my chest out a little more because while all these people are Obama supporters, I can feel nationwide that she knocked the wind out of thier sails. People know that it may not be cool in Hollywood to vote Republican for whatever reason, but for the good of the nation its whats important! Take that Perez Hilton!

And one last thing before I go earn my paycheck....I thought the fact that her whole family came out and Bristol sat there with her boyfriend knowing that all cameras were focused on her and everyone was watching and judging and she did it with dignity and grace. Her boyfriend looks like a douche bag and was chewing gum but I think he got the enormity of what was happening. Piper is so damn cute I want to adopt her! So congratualtions to the Palin family and to McCain for making the right choice. More later when I can get to it.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Welcome to my First Political Blog

Welcome to anyone who happens to wander into my new blogging home. I have never done this before so bare with me. First and foremost I would like to use this blog as my way to express how I feel during this exciting political season. I encourage people of all walks to read and contribute, but note that this is not a site for hateful language. So if you want to excersize your right to free speech but in a hurtful or unproductive manor, then go to because he is a hateful person and seems to welcome hateful long as they agree with his opinions. But thats a whole other story for another day.

So I am the base to which Sarah Palin speaks. I, like so many conservatives, am excited and charged up about her being nominated as McCain's VP. And NOT just because she is a woman. If she displayed all of the same character and views as a man, I would still support "him". So I dont think McCain's pick was reactive. I think he chose the right person for the job based on record and reputation as a reformer. I dont care that she has five kids, one with special needs. I think women have been working moms since the begining of time and I dont see how this case is any different. Michelle Obama is a strong working mom and the left biased media leaves her alone.

I dont care that she has a pregnant 17 year old daughter. We were all 17 once. Our parents told us to abstain and make sound choices but we remember what raging hormones and distain for authority felt like and made poor decisions. The important thing is that she isnt glamorizing teen pregnancy-she is accepting responsability. Its a sad fact that it happens in this country and no one is immune because they are the child of a politician. Lets not forget that Obama was born to an 18 year old woman. Again, a fact the left wing biased media doesnt talk about nearly as much as the child of the VP nominee, even after Obama called them off limits. It doesnt make Sarah Palin any more or less of a VP that she has a pregnant teenaged daughter any less than Obama's mother had him at 18 makes him more or less of a presidential candidate. What it shows is that the media is so biased and has ONE agenda and thats to get him elected no matter the cost.

You know for a fact that if McCain went after the Obama girls that the media would be up in arms calling for him to step down and the left would be appalled. Where are they when thier party members go after the Palin kids?? Joining in- thats where.

If you cant get your candidate elected based on accomplishment and merit alone, then your candidate shouldnt be elected. So they have resorted to smearing the children of the candidates and questioning thier parenting skills OH AND A 22 year old DUI by the husband of Sarah Palin. WHO CARES??? If the media really cared then they would compare the 22 year old DUI charge to the ADMITED cocaine use by Obama around the same time. Does that matter too? No. Its the point. If you make a big deal about a 22 year old conviction of the husband, then balance that with the admited drug use of the presidential candidate.

My point to this rant is this-the media is mostly left and biased and unapologetic about it. There is no more news reporting so much as there is smearing and attacking and that goes for both sides. This campaign is going to be about the media as well. It can be decided by them and thats a sad fact. It should be about telling the voters why thier candidate is the best choice, but instead, The left is so scared about the re-energizing of the base of the GOP that they have to resort to attacking ancient incidents and children to strike fear into the hearts of voters. Its something that the founding fathers would be be ashamed to witness.

So I am excited to hear what Sarah Palin has to say tonight. And if anyone cares to hear what I have to say or bothers to read this, then you will know how I feel. I hope she gets up and introduces herself to America and shows her proved record of Executive experience and reform as well as scold the media for calling her daughter names and making up scandalous rumors about her kids. I hope that people love her and feel bad for questioning McCain's pick. Mostly I hope that in this day and age when a black man can run for president without question that so can a woman...with for VP without questions being raised as well!!!!!