Thursday, November 13, 2008

Finally, the media has come to accept that Sarah Palin is not the dumb lady they wanted everyone to think she was. She was unfairly treated by the media and its high time that she got some apologies and some recognition. I dont think she is going anywhere and they are going to have to get used to her being a GOP favorite. If I were her, I would take her Gov spot until 2010 and then run for Stevens's Senate seat and give it about 8 years. I think she could get back and that time, be on the top of the ticket. I am glad to see the GOP regrouping, refocusing and gathering their wits about them. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise, although looking at the reaction on Wall Street, the Obama kool aid seems to be wearing off. He cant make sharp left decisions and blame the economy for too long! We shall see.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Well the fall out from Tuesday has been minimal. There are a few staffers who can not admit defeat so they are smearing Palin in the press to deflect. I knew that was bound to happen and was prepared for more of it. But the McCain and Palin camps have been quick to squash those rumors and hold their heads high, pledging to support our new president. Both conceded with grace and class and I felt really good about that. There have even been some immediate changes that I have witnessed that seem to be the norm as the days go by. I am reading more and more about African Americans releasing their self imposed limits now that an African American has broken the boundaries of politics. Even though they didn't need a black man in the white house to tell them they were capable of doing whatever they put their minds to, it does seem like now the excuses are unfounded and they broke out of whatever invisible chains they believed existed. So the racial divide now isn't as I thought it would be. If this means more inner city kids work harder in school and strive to be whatever they can dream to be, then I think a great deal of good can come from this.

As for his first few days as president elect, Obama has had a mixed bag. The world is happy and I have seem some outrageous headlines like "president of the world" which I cant for the life of me figure out. He won an election and got Bush out of the white house, but he hasn't done anything so great to receive such accolades. The stock market crashed two days in a row. The first time in history the market tanked the day after a new president is announced. Russia also set its sights on Poland and Obama named a foul mouthed partisan as new Chief of Staff. So much for reaching across the aisle. Rahm Emanuel, according to reports, "Nicknamed "Rahmbo," he once mailed a dead fish to a Democratic pollster who got on his bad side during a long-ago congressional race. Outraged over what he regarded as disloyal Democrats during Clinton's first presidential campaign, he stunned dinner companions by rattling off names of the offenders, each time stabbing the restaurant table with a dinner knife and shouting, "Dead." Nice.

He is also considering positions for John Kerry. Cant wait to hear what for. The short list reads like a Saturday night book burning club. I cant wait till he takes away all limits on abortions and bans guns and the word God from the English language. But I will be fair as I said before. He is my president. I will support him and I will pray for him. I will stand up as an American and join in my show of unity, but I will be watching. And if he makes a hard left right out of the gate, then we will know what the next four years will look like.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My New President

Well I guess we all saw it coming and had pretty much come to terms with it. So it wasnt a big shocker when Obama became our president last night. I had prepared for it. His speech was elequent and he did go ahead and lower his expectations so I dont think he will be able to keep his campaign promises...politicians very rarely do. But he is my president. I didnt vote for him and I am not happy about it but he is my president and I will give him the chance to prove me wrong. I love America way more than I dislike Obama.

We will see over the coming months as he appoints his cabinet if he stays true to his ultra liberal roots or if he continues to move to the center as he did throughout his campaign to please the majority and get elected for a 2nd term. I will continue to blog and keep my loyalty to God, Family, Country and maintain my conservative beliefs.

In good news, Lamar Alexader and Marsha Blackburn won the senate seats in TN and Chris Smith was re-elected in NJ. So we have enough Republicans in play for a fillibuster. Now we move forward as a nation hopefully united and see where this takes us.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today's the Day

I apologize for being MIA for a few days, I have fallen ill and was down for the count. But I woke up earlier than I would have liked to today, got to my polling station at 7:15am and cast my ballot for John S. McCain and of course Chris Smith! I feel good about it. Am I worried about the Kool Aid drinkers who really have been hearing, but not listening? Yes. I am . I would be lying if I said that I was not concerned that the left winged media hadnt endocrinated the public with lies and mistatments in order to fufill their agenda to get Barack Obama elected. I admit that I have hope in my heart that America will make the right choice today and when I wake up tomorrow, McCain will be our next president. But I admit that it is a tough uphill battle and a little piece of me has tried to reconcile that there is a good change that Obama will win. I cant for the life of me understand why people still aren't hearing the truth! They fell victim to the celebrity status, coupled with some missed opportunities by McCain, and failed to hear the message loud and clear. There will be no tax breaks for 95% of the country. 40% of them dont pay taxes to begin with so of course they want Obama to win. As if the welfare system wasnt already a disgrace and abused. And 70% of the taxes in this country are already paid by the rich. Since when was it a crime to be sucessful? Now they are going to be punished even more and the people who are barely meeting Obama's middle class standard (which has changed 5 times in the last two weeks) will loose any footing they might have had. I am included in that category. So what is to happen to me? While my husband and I have a combined income in the $100K range, by the time NJ taxes our taxes, there isnt a lot left. So how much more would I have to give up? At which point do I say one of us quit our job so we dont loose more money? Why again should I have to give up what I worked so hard to achieve and give to someone who has had an equal opportunity to do the same. I am no more sucessful than the next person because I am a white female. I worked my way through college, started with a terrible low paying entry level job and clawed my way to where I am with hard work and determination. And now I am expected to feel bad about it?

I will say it now, not on the basis of race, but on policy, if Obama wins today, this country will see a great divide like it has never seen. The people like those I mentioned above, will suffer and those who are seeing more of their hard earned money get taken away and the introduction of big government into our lives, dictating how we invest our money and get our health care will get angry. If how Obama has operated his campaign is any indication of how his presidency will be, then we are in for a world of hurt. He has broken spending records left and right, gone after people who have quetioned him or not supported him. Are we turning into a country where you dont have the right to have a differing opionion than the president? Are you telling me that three reporters that got kicked off his plane because their paper endorsed McCain was purely coiensidence? That people illegally went through Joe the Plumber's personal records and dug through his trash looking for dirt was fair? The guy just wanted an answer and didnt like what he heard and now he is treated like an enemy of the state?

I hope we get it right today.