Monday, April 20, 2009


I never thought I would blog about a beauty pageant. I hate them. I think they are a terrible example for young women of the nation and world for many reasons. There is no covering them up by calling them "scholarship opportunities", let's call a spade a spade.....its a beauty pageant. Those beautiful women with marginal talent and no brains should not be representing women anywhere because they are not the norm. Having said all that, I am writing in defence of one of them. I never thought I would say that either!!

While I didn't watch the pageant last night, I couldn't get away from the controversy surrounding an answer from one of the contestants. First let me start by saying that the fact that the Miss America pageant lost any credibility by having Perez Hilton as a judge. Here is a man who makes his living tearing people down and drawing penises on people's faces. In what world is he qualified or even a representation of what the pageant stands for? He is mean and callus and I have already blogged about him before so I wont give him any more time. Anyhow, he asked Miss California about gay marriage. A question that clearly would have had a wrong answer no matter what she said. She had no chance. One way would make people mad and the other way would make people mad. But she answered honestly. While I don't agree with her answer that marriage should be between a man and a woman, I applaud her for standing on the world stage and answering honestly. As she believes. Right or wrong, that is her right as an American citizen.

Now, all the liberals are angry at her and saying it cost her the crown. We all know that's not true. Southern girls always win, that's what cost her the crown LOL. But seriously when did we become a nation of people who couldn't speak up for themselves, even if the answer is unpopular??? Isn't that the beauty of the first amendment? Are we supposed to all share the opinions of liberals because we are bad if we don't? Does this mean Miss California is going to be put on Napalitano's terrorist watch list along with returning war vets, anti-abortion activists and anti-illegal immigrant activists???

Why cant people speak their beliefs honestly without being called bigots because the "opposing view" thinks differently? If gay rights groups don't want to be judged then they SHOULD NOT judge! The whole "do onto others..." applies to everyone.

Miss California might have hurt the feelings of some people with her answer, but should she have lied? Not been true to herself so as to not hurt others? We cant walk around on egg shells fearing that we are going to hurt other people's feelings. There was no violence, no hateful words. She simply answered the question....which was a question that should not have been asked in the first place. Perez likes to stir things up and cause controversy and loves only Perez. I think I will write the Donald and tell him from now on, you should just get the questions in advance and then the contestants can just cater to the judges and this can all be even more disgusting that it is.

So, while we have different opinions, I applaud Miss California and may she actually shine in the face of controversy and finally someone from these stupid beauty pageants can ACTUALLY teach real young women a thing or two about being honest and sticking to your beliefs no matter what the price!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Illegals Should get a One Way Ticket Home! Figuratively of Course, not at Tax Payer Dollars!

The link above goes on in more detail about Obama and his wanting to make illegal immigrants "come out of the shadows" and get on a path to citizenship. I am all for people coming to this country to realize the American dream. We are all descendants of those people. People who came to get jobs, work and provide a better life for their kids. I get it. What I also get is that they assimilate, learn the language, pay taxes and live within the constraint of the law. These are the people which I support fully. People who come to this country illegally and then drain our resources...hospitals, jails, etc ALL of which we pay for in more and more taxes are the ones I have a problem with. First and foremost, they have committed an illegal act. They have illegally entered this country. As cruel as this must sound, they don't deserve citizenship or the chance to redeem themselves! I don't care that they take the jobs Americans don't want. They drain our resources and we pay for it while the govt. turns a blind eye.

If Obama gets his way and this legislation passes, it is not only going to make us worse for the wear but it will open the doors to other questions. The main one being, "if we are forgiving the illegal act of immigrants...then why not other criminals?" If you break the law, you get punished. That's the way it is and should be! We cant make exceptions for anyone. At any time.

The commenter's on this link are all right and I think most Americans would agree that this is a selfish act. Democrats court the poor and downtrodden vote. If there are 20 million illegals in this country, then that's 20 million votes for another Obama term. It's so blatantly selfish of him to jeopardize our country for the sake of control of the country. Its also a damned shame.

Obama might be a great speaker and a bigger than life character, but he has really made a mess of things. This first 100 days should have solely been focused on the economy. Getting jobs and houses back to Americans. Its the problem that started this mess in the first place, its also the first place he should have started when trying to fix it. Not jump all over the place. I get whiplash when I think about how often he jumps from one thing to another. But you know as admirable as it is to want to change everything, you don't have to change everything in the first 100 days. And you cant jump from one thing to another. You have to follow through and stay the course until its complete.

Since I am talking about jumping, I will touch on 2 items that really irritate me. #1 is that Obama overturned the law that states the press cant get in to witness the bringing home of the fallen soldiers. I know the families can now give permission and that's the only way they can get it, but this was also a purely selfish move. Its not to honor the dead, its to further his agenda. At one time it was to bring soldiers home from Iraq. Now he is just moving them to Afghanistan. But that's another blog for another day. This is about the privacy of the dead soldiers. I don't think, even with the families permission, that anyone outside of the family and the military unit bringing them home should be there. It's about honoring the dead-not making a spectacle or furthering an agenda. It really bothers me.

Second and final point is that Obama made a surprise trip to Iraq this week. He was syrupy sweet and full of love and admiration for the troops, as he should be. But he all but declared victory in Iraq. He kept saying "we" and "us" as if he weren't a former Senator who voted against the war and the surge. Now he is claiming victory? No sir. While I always thought this war was on the wrong front, it is Mr. Bush who gets to claim victory. Not you.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Maybe I am Wrong...but I am Never Wrong!

Maybe I am making a big deal out of nothing with this G20 Summit speech, but I personally think that no matter what has happened in the past, the leader of a country should not get on a world stage and say his country has been arrogant. And of course, thats just what Obama did last week. He said America has a tendency to be arrogant. The left wing looneys are downplaying it as best they can, but either way, Obama should not have tried to get the popular EU vote by degrating his own country. Shame on him! He should be proud of the nation that put him in office!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Most Absurb Fact finally Disputed and Proven False...

Whoa! You mean that something that came out of the white house, especially from the mouth of Hillary Clinton ISNT true??? So shocking!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sad day in Indiana

And on MSNBC also....Elkhart, IN the place that Obama flew to and promised to save is reporting the highest unemployment rates in the country. He stood on a platform and waved his hands and spoke from a teleprompter and injected false hope into a community of blue collar workers with no other prospects. And now they are aren't feeling the warm fuzzies as before. Of course, MSNBC doesnt report the fallout just the numbers. Recently, Mike Huckabee took his show to Elkhart to interview the real people there...workers laid off and who have nothing left to fall back on. They were discourage, hurt and wondered when the help promised would get to them. The bosses at some factories even admitted they would have to lay off more workers and that his plan wasnt realistic.

I want to re-iterate that I do not want Obama to fail because that would mean so would this great nation. What I want to happen is for people to open thier eyes and see that this is not the hope and change they were promised. And now they are in the hole for much more because of this stupid "spenduluous" that didnt do anything!

And it's not just Elkhart, it's lots of places. The Pacific Northwest has seen its highest unemployment rates ever. Well yes, yes, we all know you inherited the recession, but you made it worse with a fake stimulus bill that only grew the federal government and made each and every American, regardless of combined household income, owe more money than ever before. Soon, we will all just be working to pay taxes. It already seems like that in New Jersey!