Sunday, September 28, 2008

I am Running out of Places to Go

So I went to the local Barnes and Nobel last night to pick up some books for my trip to Chicago next week. Talk about dropping into enemy territory! So an associate helped me find some items and initiated small talk. She was very friendly and helpful. That is until I brought my final purchases to the register. Then, in her eyes, we became mortal enemies. I bought Dick Morris's new book Fleeced: How Barack Obama, Media Mockery of Terrorist Threats, Liberals Who Want to Kill Talk Radio, the Do-Nothing Congress, Companies That Help Iran, and Washington Lobbyists for Foreign Governments Are Scamming Us ... and What to Do About It. I am not making something out of nothing nor am I even making this up. She picked up the book and read the title then opened the book and read the jacket and then sneered at me and made a disapproving face. After which she did not speak another word to me. I mean seriously? It's come to the point that Liberals won’t even engage us in friendly conversation? Let this prove my point that the great divide of this nation comes from that side. I utilized my "kill them with kindness" strategy which I think stings more than a tongue lashing. But it was ridiculous to see her go from friendly and helpful to nasty and immature-all because of the book I selected.

And while I am on the subject, I was walking around the political aisles and made a mental note that all of the end caps were full of books by and about Obama. No GOP analysis, nothing. Fair and balanced? I think not!

I don’t want to leave out my take away from the debate. I believe in my heart of hearts that McCain took this one home. I know Obama camp is touting victory so as to not admit the defeat he most certainly felt and also to keep up appearances for the Obama faithful who will stand behind him no matter what. Let's face it, if McCain is elected president and he balances the budget, ends the war, feeds the starving and cures cancer, they will still find ways to bitch and complain. But he wins because throughout the debate he was calm and collected and never got rattled. It was quite the opposite for Obama. McCain was smart to mention all of the experience he has with military operations since he began in 1983 and Obama couldn’t beat that. All Obama could do was rattle off the same tired old talking points, trying to align McCain with Bush, which any person with a brain can now see is just a scare tactic. Without that, Obama has nothing and McCain was clearly the victor.

The only thing I wished McCain had hammered home more was his decision to go back to Washington and do his job as a senator to take care of the financial crisis. I think his critics and Obama really tried to capitalize off it, rather unsuccessfully, but they tried to use that stupid "multi-tasking" argument. Of course McCain can multi-task but a debate is not a presidential duty. It is the right of the people to see the candidates face one another, but it can be rescheduled. The death spiralling economy was more important and Obama acted like a childish brat by insulting McCain for wanting to fix it. I want a president who goes back to Washington to fix a crisis, not who stays out of it to prepare for a debate.

The come to Jesus moment came at the closing of the debate. McCain got the last word. He lowered his voice, looked straight into the camera and said, "I know how to heal the wounds of war. I know how to deal with our enemies and friends." And that was all she wrote. McCain 100. Obama 0.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Was There Ever any Question?

The link is to the story about UMASS offering extra credit for students who campaign for Obama. Now I am giving them the benefit of the doubt that it's true that a visiting professor is the one responsable for the offer, but even so this does not suprise me in the least. And if gone unchecked, I am sure that it would have continued. Just another in many instances of the left wing loons endoctrinating the youth of America who cant think for themselves.

There was another story this week about a college professor, I forget which one, who was giving an assignment to his Freshman English class. Ok before I continue, let's all take a step back in time and remember English 101. It was writing stupid papers on topics like summer vacation and favorite animals. This professor assigned his students to write a paper on Palin. But not just on her, he wanted them to destoy her. He used vicious language and told them they were not allowed to support her, only bad things. When a few students objected to the assignment they were chastised. Of course the prof got in trouble and all is good and well in the world with one less loonie in the classroom. But it's disgusting that someone who is entrusted to open the minds of young people would instead try to instill them with false knowledge and most of all, hate.

The negative attacks havent stopped either. I didnt watch the Emmy's because I know better, but I saw the clips of the people who made fun of her. They weren't even intelligent about it. They were just making personal insults as if they were bullies on the school yard. Thats all they are too. But let me ask you this, how is making fun of someone's hair and glasses in any way intelligent or political minded? It's just not having anything good to say about the opponent because you cant make any argument for your candidate. And it used to make me mad when Hollywood celebs would say things like that. But then I remembered that it's people like me who pay their salary. So #1 I dont buy mags or see movies or watch thier networks. And #2 I just realized that they make idiots of themselves and alienate themselves from thier "fans" on thier own. So I just laugh now.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Every man

Yeah yeah yeah if I hear Barak Obama say John McCain is out of touch with the every man once more I will scream. Because he must know what he is talking about because the "every man" hobnobs with the highest paid and most radical of celebrities. He has further alienated himself from the every man by falling victim to his own hype. These are the very celebrities that US Weekly celebrates who have millions in cash, assets and live a life of luxury off the sweat of the backs of thier fans. Most of them dont appreciate the fans who spend thier hard earned babysitting money or minium wage job money or middle class folks who dont have a lot to spare. Its disgusting. And I hate attacks ads on both sides, but if I were John McCain, I would show Obama rubbing elbows with the likes of Barbara Strisesand who charged more money to attend her event than most of us make in a year and say "now who is out of touch with the every man".

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

God Bless John McCain

Part One

Did anyone see Hannity and Colmes last night? There was a guest on the show who had survived a botched abortion as a fetus and was born alive. She was taken to the hospital and adopted. This woman has gone on to live a normal life with CP being the only hinderance of her experience. She was on the show to talk about the bill that Obama vetoed 4 times to provide medical care to babies born from bothced abortions. That means that this woman and so many like her would be born alive and left to die or murdered. Thats not the kind of president I want. Someone who thinks its NOT ok to put that child into an ambulance and do whatever it takes to help that child make it!! If the crazy left winged biased media want to harp on Sarah Palin's parenting skills, then maybe they should take a long hard look at Obama's voting record. One has a pregnant daughter (so what) and knowingly gave life to a child with a disability. The other wants babies that were supposed to be aborted and werent be killed anyway. AFTER they are born!

Part Two
I got into a vicious debate today about how the media has been unfair moeslty to Palin but also to McCain. You cant argue that its not true. Sure they have been hard on all candidates but most of all Palin. I will point out obvious examples and if you can refute it, then I will streak down Rt. 1 at rush hour.

1. Claim that Palin cant be a good mom and VP. Made specifically by Bidden but others as well.
-no one questions Obama not being a good father to his girls or Joe Bidden being a single dad all those years ago. OH and Nancy Pelosi has 5 kids and no one cares.

2. The tone of SNL this week would be toned down and geared toward hurricane relief. Do says Loarne Michales and Obama canceled his appearance. But they mocked Palin? How is that no politics and/or geared toward hurricane efforts?

3. Palins daughter is pregnant how can she be a good VP. Well I dont have to repeat myself over and over. Just read my first post. But I can tell you that I would rather have a VP who has a knocked up daugther than a PRESIDENT with known associations with radical anti-Americanists and admited terrorists. DUH!

4. The latest one-John McCain doesnt know how to use email. Ok this is a new low. And its not a new story. He does use email but not for long periods of time DUE TO HIS WAR INJURIES. So Obama's camp should have fact checked before they smeared and then maybe focus on things that really matter to the American people.

5. John McCain said social security was dismal. Thats the new Obama ad. It is a direct misquote. McCain said the state of social security is dismal and thats why we need to do something to fix it now. That is blatant lies on the Obama camp and he endorsed the message.

6. The photographer from the Atlantic who admitted she mocked up a photo shoot to make McCain look sinister. Ok well that is only one photographer but its an example of the left winged press getting scared and knowing they have to pull out all the stops to try and get Obama elected.

7. The whole clinging to thier guns and prayer comment. Enough said.

8. The constant claim by Omaba camp that McCain voted with Bush 90% of the time. Well that was a statstic...for a whole year. Thats not his 30+ years in senate record! Again trying to scare the public because thats all they have!

9. My favorite one-Todd Palin got a DUI...22 years ago. So what. Obama has admited to abusing cocaine at the same time. Which is worse? And why should we care about any of it.

10. The worst is Jimmy Carter. Who was the worst president ever. Who actually had the balls to say that McCain was wearing out his POW experience. I know a lot of democrats dont share that view but they sure loved him at the DNC!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another day another attack!

I hate US Weekly but this morning I was bored and thought I would see what the left loonies were saying. And of course, Tina Fay's performance of her impersonation of Palin was top billing. Now the link above is what I found interesting. Obama canceled his appearance of the show so he could help out with the hurricane. So the producer, Lorne Micheals says "we will shift the tone of the show away from politics because of the hurricane". So does the Republican VP nominee not count? Is she fair game no matter what? I cant get over how the show business industry is so anti-McCain that even their own standards are skewed! Let's unite for the hurricane, lets do everything for the hurricane except if your a Republican. Its so obvious and the main stream American public isnt having it! I call for letters to be written, emails to be sent and boycotts to take place. We cant just blog about it and spin our wheels. There has to be a way to stand up and say we respect your differing views and know you cant be persuaded but you need to have balance if you are responsable for entertaining the public and ESPECIALLY if you are reporting the news! Charles Gibson that goes for you too! Thanks for being such a dick because it helped her and now there are more undecided voters who will now vote McCain/Palin. And all you did Gibson, was make yourself look like an jerk.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

You have to be kidding me!!!!

Click on the link to read the story. I cant in good faith write it out because it is so stupid. I cant believe that a major network would allow this garbage on thier site. I mean do readers really think that Sarah Palin would pose in an American flag bikini with an assault rifle? I know she has that gun toting persona but that doesnt mean she would actually pose in an American flag bikini with a gun? It just goes to FURTHER my point that the left biased media is so anxious to get Obama elected that they will do anything to scare the public. Not that this tactic would work because its so obviously fake that all it accomplishes is to make CNN look like a bunch of morons and adds more people to the "voting for McCain list." Come on this is out of control now. I know there is nothing that can be done about it, but the networks have to know that people arent going to have news delivered to them by such blantanly biased people and will turn to other sources or none at all.

Read the rest of the article to see more lies that CNN tried to spread and that were later debunked. You know Joe Bidden is sitting somewhere smiling because he is on the Obama ticket he somehow gets a free pass. Not so Joe! Wait till the debates!

I cant spend any more time on this bikini story or my head will explode. But I hope some journalism teacher somewhere is collecting all of this garbage so they can use in Jounalism 101 on what NOT to do!

I will cover the Obama session on the O'Reilly show this week after its all over.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Here we go again

Ok, I admit it. I turned on MTV last night because I was remotely curious to see what Britney Spears had planned. I dont usually watch the station and havent for years because it hasnt played music vidoes since flannel was in style. Its all garbage and tired reality shows. Anyhow, thats neither here nor there. I watch this host-this British host-open the show and within the first 10 minutes he is endorsing Obama and slamming Palin and calling George Bush "a retarded cowboy." People in the crowd were cheering. Of course, because Hollywood is always going to be on the left wing bandwagon. But it angered me that here was this guy, WHO ISNT EVEN A US CITIZEN, publically endorsing Obama on behalf of the network and then slamming the daughter of Palin and people were cheering. It is making me sick to my stomach just thinking about it. Even after Obama asked that the familes be off limits they wont shut up. Maybe because the polls dont lie and they are scared now!!! So I shut off the tv.

Then I turn it back on with the intention of changing the station right as that British dude claimes that the pregnant daughter of Palin was a PR stunt! And the applause was less boisterous but it was there. Can you believe it? That someone would go on television and actually accuse our VP nomination of getting her daughter to get pregnant as a politcal move. That is the lowest thing I have ever heard. I hope that the intelligent people who were watching can see through that enough to make thier own decision based on facts, no matter who they choose.

I hope the Obama camp publically denounces this guy and his comments as well as MTV. As for me, I will be writing more letters. If they do not denouce him and his comments then it will be obvious to the previously ignorant people that the media is left winged biased and now the personal attacks will be more frequent because they have nothing else. I hope that Sarah Palin and her family have the fortitude to recognize this and the grace and dignity to brush it off and hold thier heads high. Because even though there are dirtbags like this in the world saying mean things about her, she has more support that Obama. Polls dont lie!

So to the host of the VMA awards, I tell you to go back to England because your not funny and we dont care what you have to say anyway. Plus I am not too worried about it because no one watches MTV anymore anyway. Those that do have about 5 years until they vote anyway. I dont feel old saying I dont recognize any acts from the show because all of the manufactured boy/girl bands that MTV pumps out each year arent music or artists. Its a business and they are all sheep. Anyone who claims the Jonas brothers are talented should be lined up and shot.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Part II

This proves my point about the previous post...

And they're off...

Sorry I missed the day after the McCain speech...

But it's a testament to his speech that I am still pumped! It was a great convention and I felt refreshed and re-energized. McCain really stepped up for this one. I have seen him speak live before and he isnt the best public speaker. But good public speaking does not a president make! Palin set the bar pretty high and he delivered. I thought he made all the right jibes mixed with specific plans that Obama never made in his speech. McCain and Palin wrapped it up on Thursday and now the Dems are scared. As I mentioned in a previous post, they will resort to lies and smut because they cant get thier candidate elected on merit or accomplishment alone. SO they will make a mockery of the political process by publically tongue lashing a 17 year old girl and a 22 year old DUI, never mentioning Obama's ties to a known terrorist and America bashing radicals. Cause those things cant be more relevant to the campaign than the child of the VP candidate. Come on!

So in addition to this posting and the boycotting of Perez Hilton, I also wrote a letter to the editor of Us Weekly letting them know they lost me as a reader with the lastest cover. You mean to tell me that magazine that is for mindless entertainment gossup read in the check out line and poolside is now touting itself as a political minded rag? One week Obama and Michelle grace the cover with a lovely article like he is the second coming of Christ. This week they pound on Sarah Palin with a scandalous and MISLEADING cover. They arent in the tank for Obama are they? Even the website was nasty to Palin! They had a breaking news article that called for her to loose her glasses. NOT one mention of her PROVEN record in Executive office, which thier precious demi-god does not have. I guess cutting wasteful spending, standing up to corruption, tax cuts are not enough to get a nice glowing cover like Obama who has been at most an absentee Senator while he has spent most of his time in Senate running for president.

So If you feel the same way I do, I encourage you to get your smutty entertainment gossup elsewhere and tell US Weekly that biased unfair reporting will not be tolerated and they should not try to pass themselves off as a polticial publication. They should stick to what they know-make up and celebrity babies.

So the polls will be out next week and you dont have to be a brain surgeon to know that while Obama has this hold on the Hollywood elite and radical groups, the rest of the country isnt buying his change message anymore because there is no substance to it. As I said before, speaking abilities do not a good president make. I want a man who fought and almost died for this country- a real patriot. Who will proudly wear the flag lapel pin and who will stand during the pledge of alligance. I want a man who wakes up everyday and goes to work for the good of the country-not self. Now that the conventions are over we can all see through the smoke and mirrors. Obama is just a man. He cant walk on water or save the planet. He cant even admit that the surge worked. He has only 4 years in office and no record of signifigant legistlation. While he may be a better speaker, he is not a better candidate.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

And the winner is.....

Let me preface this entry by saying that I try to be fair in politics. While I have aligned myself with the Republican values since as long as I can remember, I try to be "fair and balanced" if I can take from the Fox news motto. I havent always voted Republican just for the sake of voting for my party. I research, read and listen to what the other candidates say because I do have the best interest of our country at heart. So before I give my 2 cents on last night, let me tell you that I watched every second of the DNC in Denver. I listened objectively to all the speeches. I watched the spectacle and therefore whatever I have to say about the RNC IS NOT based soley on support for the party. Its an actual side by side comparison. I spend so much time trying to prove the hypocracy of the media that I dont want to fall victim to it myself. So here goes.....

Last night I was moved for the first time in a long time. Speeches are always rousing and we feel all warm and fuzzy for the next day but then its back to the same old afterwards. Not this time. Sarah Palin is the business! She delivered and I wont be suprised when next week the polls show a huge lead over Obama. Palin is the breath of fresh air that we neededed and by we I mean the disenfranchised Republicans who are embarrassed by the failures of the Bush admininstration and who kind of felt lost. She re-energized the party and lit the fire under our asses so to speak. Palin envoked a range of emotions in me during her speech. I actually cheered at one point and sounded like Howard Dean "wheeew" and shed some tears and I got the chills a few times. All signs leading to an effective speech. And when it was over, I looked at Jeff, who was smiling too and said "she just won it". It's been a long time since I have been this excited about a candidate.

She appealled to everyone both men and women. To the women she is what we always knew women in power could be-both a mom and able to hang with the men. I see her standing up to evil dictators and then turning around and changing a diaper. She is more of a woman than Hillary, who I always joke about having an adams apple. We can all relate to her. Women of all backgrounds, marital status and career level can relate to her. She is like the Dolly Parton of politics. She is a bigger than life figure, but looking at her and hearing her speak you think you could sit down for a cup of coffee with her and be bff's. At the same time I saw the look on Newt Gingrige's face a few times. I think he and some other powerful men were covering thier crotches in fear because she is a ball buster. She went after the Dems like a mother fending off an attack on her young...and between the lines thats what she did. She did it through humor and it was effective.

I loved hearing her talk about her accomplishments in Alaska and not afraid to call Obama what he really is...inexperienced. She proved my point that if the media cant get thier candidate elected on merit and accomplishment, then they resort to lies and striking fear into the hearts of voters. She talked about how as a mayor and govenor she was responsable for things that Obama can only talk about. And I LOVE that one of the ways she cut wasteful spending was to put the Executive jet on Ebay!!! I can go on and on about what else I liked about it or about the fact that there was 6 minutes of thunderous applause for her after the speech NOT included the roar when McCain came out on stage, but I am at work and have to do what they pay me to. But today at work I hold my head a little bit higher and with my chest out a little more because while all these people are Obama supporters, I can feel nationwide that she knocked the wind out of thier sails. People know that it may not be cool in Hollywood to vote Republican for whatever reason, but for the good of the nation its whats important! Take that Perez Hilton!

And one last thing before I go earn my paycheck....I thought the fact that her whole family came out and Bristol sat there with her boyfriend knowing that all cameras were focused on her and everyone was watching and judging and she did it with dignity and grace. Her boyfriend looks like a douche bag and was chewing gum but I think he got the enormity of what was happening. Piper is so damn cute I want to adopt her! So congratualtions to the Palin family and to McCain for making the right choice. More later when I can get to it.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Welcome to my First Political Blog

Welcome to anyone who happens to wander into my new blogging home. I have never done this before so bare with me. First and foremost I would like to use this blog as my way to express how I feel during this exciting political season. I encourage people of all walks to read and contribute, but note that this is not a site for hateful language. So if you want to excersize your right to free speech but in a hurtful or unproductive manor, then go to because he is a hateful person and seems to welcome hateful long as they agree with his opinions. But thats a whole other story for another day.

So I am the base to which Sarah Palin speaks. I, like so many conservatives, am excited and charged up about her being nominated as McCain's VP. And NOT just because she is a woman. If she displayed all of the same character and views as a man, I would still support "him". So I dont think McCain's pick was reactive. I think he chose the right person for the job based on record and reputation as a reformer. I dont care that she has five kids, one with special needs. I think women have been working moms since the begining of time and I dont see how this case is any different. Michelle Obama is a strong working mom and the left biased media leaves her alone.

I dont care that she has a pregnant 17 year old daughter. We were all 17 once. Our parents told us to abstain and make sound choices but we remember what raging hormones and distain for authority felt like and made poor decisions. The important thing is that she isnt glamorizing teen pregnancy-she is accepting responsability. Its a sad fact that it happens in this country and no one is immune because they are the child of a politician. Lets not forget that Obama was born to an 18 year old woman. Again, a fact the left wing biased media doesnt talk about nearly as much as the child of the VP nominee, even after Obama called them off limits. It doesnt make Sarah Palin any more or less of a VP that she has a pregnant teenaged daughter any less than Obama's mother had him at 18 makes him more or less of a presidential candidate. What it shows is that the media is so biased and has ONE agenda and thats to get him elected no matter the cost.

You know for a fact that if McCain went after the Obama girls that the media would be up in arms calling for him to step down and the left would be appalled. Where are they when thier party members go after the Palin kids?? Joining in- thats where.

If you cant get your candidate elected based on accomplishment and merit alone, then your candidate shouldnt be elected. So they have resorted to smearing the children of the candidates and questioning thier parenting skills OH AND A 22 year old DUI by the husband of Sarah Palin. WHO CARES??? If the media really cared then they would compare the 22 year old DUI charge to the ADMITED cocaine use by Obama around the same time. Does that matter too? No. Its the point. If you make a big deal about a 22 year old conviction of the husband, then balance that with the admited drug use of the presidential candidate.

My point to this rant is this-the media is mostly left and biased and unapologetic about it. There is no more news reporting so much as there is smearing and attacking and that goes for both sides. This campaign is going to be about the media as well. It can be decided by them and thats a sad fact. It should be about telling the voters why thier candidate is the best choice, but instead, The left is so scared about the re-energizing of the base of the GOP that they have to resort to attacking ancient incidents and children to strike fear into the hearts of voters. Its something that the founding fathers would be be ashamed to witness.

So I am excited to hear what Sarah Palin has to say tonight. And if anyone cares to hear what I have to say or bothers to read this, then you will know how I feel. I hope she gets up and introduces herself to America and shows her proved record of Executive experience and reform as well as scold the media for calling her daughter names and making up scandalous rumors about her kids. I hope that people love her and feel bad for questioning McCain's pick. Mostly I hope that in this day and age when a black man can run for president without question that so can a woman...with for VP without questions being raised as well!!!!!