Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's Been a Long Time my Old Friend

It's been a while since I have blogged. For my own sanity and blood pressure, that's a good thing. I apologize to the two people who might actually read this but my absence was absolutely necessary. But I am back, who knows for how long. I am going to dedicate this first post to pop culture.

I can start with my favorite (sarcasm) celebrity blogger Perez Hilton. He got his face beat up. While I don't condone violence, I can say that karma is a real bitch! Here is a man who went after Isaiah Washington for saying the word fa&&ot and then after Miss California for her traditional marriage answer. He was such the martyr after that. Perez practically made himself the poster boy for gay rights and then to openly call another gay man a derogatory name in public? Well quite frankly I think that he got what he deserved and I dont know why it took this long. I wont waste time on him as I dont want to contribute anymore to his 15 minutes of fame, but I read on all reports that he Tweeted and blogged about being attacked and asked for his readers to call 911. How stupid is he? Doesn't he have a phone? Why cant he dial 911 himself? By asking hundreds of people to clog the lines, he is taking resources away from REAL emergencies. This is all proof that he is a selfish, self centered ego maniac. He makes a living drawing penis's on the faces of people he doesn't like and tearing people down. And who is he? A fat slob with a computer.

It's a shame I cant be done talking about him. Unless you were living under a rock, then you know that he was FOR SOME REASON a judge in the Miss American pageant. He again took a public opportunity to make it about himself. He asked Carrie Pujean, Miss California contestant, about her views of gay marriage. Miss California answered honestly but without malicious intent and/or insult or injury. She simply answered the way she felt. She stated that while gay couples should have equal rights, that marriage is defined as between a woman and a man. Whether we agree with her content or not, she has the first Amendment right to speak freely without judgement or punishment. Of course for the first time in my life, the ACLU agreed with me. She was drug through the mud mercilessly and insulted and called names of the most tasteless kind. I found it very hypocritical of people who are fighting to not be judged and who just want to be treated equally, would then turn around and treat someone like that. But that's Hollywood and nothing should surprise you about that. And of course, as planned, Perez found himself a martyr once again. He put himself in the spotlight as the downtrodden victim of it all and shamelessly used the smearing of a young woman to gain popularity for himself and his interests. In the end, another Miss California was crowned. Its a he said/she said issue and we wont know why Carrie was fired so I wont rush to any conclusions, but here is where it gets ironic......

The new Miss California, while being interviewed on Gretta's show, was asked the same question and after some flowery language said "It should be up to the voters." Well duh. They voted already and said no. Again disagree or agree with the definition of traditional marriage, it sounds like the new Miss California has the same stance as the old Miss California, just worded it differently. Only in America!!!

And then there was the Letterman thing. Which I think was over politicized on all sides. He made a tasteless comment about her young daughter and should have apologized and finally did. At first there was confusion about his statement because she was with her younger daughter, Willow, was is 14. And to say what he said about her daughter was not only tasteless but if he did mean her, then it was illegal. Then he cleared up his statement and said he was talking about the 17 year old Bristol. Some liberal actually said, well that's OK because she had a baby out of wedlock! Are you kidding me???? It's OK to make a demeaning statement about a young woman because she made a mistake? So it's like the "she asked for it" mentality? How dare they! Look I didn't make a big deal and I wasn't calling for him to be fired, I just want people to know its not funny to say such things. I don't care if you make a living as a comedian, you can make fun of parents, but stay away form the kids-especially when the comment is sexual in nature. It was pretty low rent on Letterman's part, but he apologized even if it was half assed. Then Gov. Palin accepted his apology and that should have been the end of it. Some people were still protesting afterwards which kind of made them look pathetic. There hearts were in the right place, but they should have squashed the protest and just started a nasty letter writing campaign to CBS or something.

I will post again soon. Back to work, while I still have a job.

Monday, April 20, 2009


I never thought I would blog about a beauty pageant. I hate them. I think they are a terrible example for young women of the nation and world for many reasons. There is no covering them up by calling them "scholarship opportunities", let's call a spade a spade.....its a beauty pageant. Those beautiful women with marginal talent and no brains should not be representing women anywhere because they are not the norm. Having said all that, I am writing in defence of one of them. I never thought I would say that either!!

While I didn't watch the pageant last night, I couldn't get away from the controversy surrounding an answer from one of the contestants. First let me start by saying that the fact that the Miss America pageant lost any credibility by having Perez Hilton as a judge. Here is a man who makes his living tearing people down and drawing penises on people's faces. In what world is he qualified or even a representation of what the pageant stands for? He is mean and callus and I have already blogged about him before so I wont give him any more time. Anyhow, he asked Miss California about gay marriage. A question that clearly would have had a wrong answer no matter what she said. She had no chance. One way would make people mad and the other way would make people mad. But she answered honestly. While I don't agree with her answer that marriage should be between a man and a woman, I applaud her for standing on the world stage and answering honestly. As she believes. Right or wrong, that is her right as an American citizen.

Now, all the liberals are angry at her and saying it cost her the crown. We all know that's not true. Southern girls always win, that's what cost her the crown LOL. But seriously when did we become a nation of people who couldn't speak up for themselves, even if the answer is unpopular??? Isn't that the beauty of the first amendment? Are we supposed to all share the opinions of liberals because we are bad if we don't? Does this mean Miss California is going to be put on Napalitano's terrorist watch list along with returning war vets, anti-abortion activists and anti-illegal immigrant activists???

Why cant people speak their beliefs honestly without being called bigots because the "opposing view" thinks differently? If gay rights groups don't want to be judged then they SHOULD NOT judge! The whole "do onto others..." applies to everyone.

Miss California might have hurt the feelings of some people with her answer, but should she have lied? Not been true to herself so as to not hurt others? We cant walk around on egg shells fearing that we are going to hurt other people's feelings. There was no violence, no hateful words. She simply answered the question....which was a question that should not have been asked in the first place. Perez likes to stir things up and cause controversy and loves only Perez. I think I will write the Donald and tell him from now on, you should just get the questions in advance and then the contestants can just cater to the judges and this can all be even more disgusting that it is.

So, while we have different opinions, I applaud Miss California and may she actually shine in the face of controversy and finally someone from these stupid beauty pageants can ACTUALLY teach real young women a thing or two about being honest and sticking to your beliefs no matter what the price!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Illegals Should get a One Way Ticket Home! Figuratively of Course, not at Tax Payer Dollars!

The link above goes on in more detail about Obama and his wanting to make illegal immigrants "come out of the shadows" and get on a path to citizenship. I am all for people coming to this country to realize the American dream. We are all descendants of those people. People who came to get jobs, work and provide a better life for their kids. I get it. What I also get is that they assimilate, learn the language, pay taxes and live within the constraint of the law. These are the people which I support fully. People who come to this country illegally and then drain our resources...hospitals, jails, etc ALL of which we pay for in more and more taxes are the ones I have a problem with. First and foremost, they have committed an illegal act. They have illegally entered this country. As cruel as this must sound, they don't deserve citizenship or the chance to redeem themselves! I don't care that they take the jobs Americans don't want. They drain our resources and we pay for it while the govt. turns a blind eye.

If Obama gets his way and this legislation passes, it is not only going to make us worse for the wear but it will open the doors to other questions. The main one being, "if we are forgiving the illegal act of immigrants...then why not other criminals?" If you break the law, you get punished. That's the way it is and should be! We cant make exceptions for anyone. At any time.

The commenter's on this link are all right and I think most Americans would agree that this is a selfish act. Democrats court the poor and downtrodden vote. If there are 20 million illegals in this country, then that's 20 million votes for another Obama term. It's so blatantly selfish of him to jeopardize our country for the sake of control of the country. Its also a damned shame.

Obama might be a great speaker and a bigger than life character, but he has really made a mess of things. This first 100 days should have solely been focused on the economy. Getting jobs and houses back to Americans. Its the problem that started this mess in the first place, its also the first place he should have started when trying to fix it. Not jump all over the place. I get whiplash when I think about how often he jumps from one thing to another. But you know as admirable as it is to want to change everything, you don't have to change everything in the first 100 days. And you cant jump from one thing to another. You have to follow through and stay the course until its complete.

Since I am talking about jumping, I will touch on 2 items that really irritate me. #1 is that Obama overturned the law that states the press cant get in to witness the bringing home of the fallen soldiers. I know the families can now give permission and that's the only way they can get it, but this was also a purely selfish move. Its not to honor the dead, its to further his agenda. At one time it was to bring soldiers home from Iraq. Now he is just moving them to Afghanistan. But that's another blog for another day. This is about the privacy of the dead soldiers. I don't think, even with the families permission, that anyone outside of the family and the military unit bringing them home should be there. It's about honoring the dead-not making a spectacle or furthering an agenda. It really bothers me.

Second and final point is that Obama made a surprise trip to Iraq this week. He was syrupy sweet and full of love and admiration for the troops, as he should be. But he all but declared victory in Iraq. He kept saying "we" and "us" as if he weren't a former Senator who voted against the war and the surge. Now he is claiming victory? No sir. While I always thought this war was on the wrong front, it is Mr. Bush who gets to claim victory. Not you.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Maybe I am Wrong...but I am Never Wrong!

Maybe I am making a big deal out of nothing with this G20 Summit speech, but I personally think that no matter what has happened in the past, the leader of a country should not get on a world stage and say his country has been arrogant. And of course, thats just what Obama did last week. He said America has a tendency to be arrogant. The left wing looneys are downplaying it as best they can, but either way, Obama should not have tried to get the popular EU vote by degrating his own country. Shame on him! He should be proud of the nation that put him in office!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Most Absurb Fact finally Disputed and Proven False...

Whoa! You mean that something that came out of the white house, especially from the mouth of Hillary Clinton ISNT true??? So shocking!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sad day in Indiana

And on MSNBC also....Elkhart, IN the place that Obama flew to and promised to save is reporting the highest unemployment rates in the country. He stood on a platform and waved his hands and spoke from a teleprompter and injected false hope into a community of blue collar workers with no other prospects. And now they are aren't feeling the warm fuzzies as before. Of course, MSNBC doesnt report the fallout just the numbers. Recently, Mike Huckabee took his show to Elkhart to interview the real people there...workers laid off and who have nothing left to fall back on. They were discourage, hurt and wondered when the help promised would get to them. The bosses at some factories even admitted they would have to lay off more workers and that his plan wasnt realistic.

I want to re-iterate that I do not want Obama to fail because that would mean so would this great nation. What I want to happen is for people to open thier eyes and see that this is not the hope and change they were promised. And now they are in the hole for much more because of this stupid "spenduluous" that didnt do anything!

And it's not just Elkhart, it's lots of places. The Pacific Northwest has seen its highest unemployment rates ever. Well yes, yes, we all know you inherited the recession, but you made it worse with a fake stimulus bill that only grew the federal government and made each and every American, regardless of combined household income, owe more money than ever before. Soon, we will all just be working to pay taxes. It already seems like that in New Jersey!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Well Rested and Mentally Sound

I had to take some time off and just calm down. I inherited my fathers sense of justice and passion about the things in which I believe and sometimes it's to my detriment.

I don't wish ill upon anyone and I hope it's not true and I cant substantiate this story, but if it is true, then my point about double standards in politics is front and center. You know the left will not condemn her as they did Bristol Palin. There will be no late night jokes or condemnation in gossip magazines and sites. And correct me if I am wrong, but cocaine is illegal. Teen pregnancy is not. So let's see how the press treats the daughter of the VP if this comes out to be true. I am not going to waste any time on it because it hasnt been proven and it doesnt mean anything to our country other than a double standard in the press.

So back to serious issues that actually matter.

For all the talk about change and the past 8 years blah blah blah, Obama has either kept or "put off" changing Bush policies...except the tax breaks which is to be expected because that's all he and his cronies are doing. Endebting us to China and bankrupting this nation on the backs of future generations. I see now that he doesnt intend to pull out of Iraq completely, but is also ramping up forces in Afghanistan. He changed the name of the operation so it's not a war on terror now, it is a "contingent overseas operation" or something equally PC and lame. These people dont get rights and we shouldnt tip toe around them! They are lethal killers set on destroying us. Let's call it what it is....a war on terror. And for all those people who thought Obama was going to bring our men and women home...get used to another disappointment from the "change and hope" you believed in but slowly are realizing you aren't going to get!

His 310 budget is going to be the final nail in the coffin and thats just the budget for fiscal year 2010! It doesnt include the other billions and trillions he has given away and as we can all see, democrat or republican, hasnt done anything. Unemployment rates are higher than ever, people are still loosing thier homes and people are going without health care. He flies the Air Force One around for his photo ops, but 25 saved jobs do not a success make. Caterpillar is laying off more employees, in the very town he went on tv to claim he was going to save. The AIG bailout was disastrous and now some of the bonuses have been returned, but The Secy of Treasury knew about them and let it happen. He is a moron and should be fired. He is the one person who was nominated and then made it through the vetting process to be appointed. As I mentioned before in a previous post, all others were 2nd and even 3rd choices. Now there is another one. The head of the EPA withdrew his nomination because of reports he "mismanaged" funds. Hmmm....

Now North Korea is going to fire a missile and we openly admitted that the US isnt prepared to do anything about it. Wow! I am no military strategist, but that sounds like the dumbest thing to say in the face of some of the most dangeourous people in the world! And Obama is off at the G20 summit where a few months ago he was president of the world and now after all the failures and broken promises, he has been called the one who has US on the road to hell. How quickly the bloom feel off the rose. As I mention over and over, I dont want Obama to fail. I dont get any satisfaction out of the "I told you so's". I love his country and I want it to be as glorious as she was intended to be by our forefathers. What I want to happen is people to open their eyes to see that this is poltics as usual and not the right direction for this country. Another 4 years and we will be speaking Chinese!! We have to keep voting these people out of office who have no intention of making this a better place to live, but care more for furthering thier agenda.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I have to take a Break

I took a week off (well not really, I was working) and went to San Francisco. I know I know, the last place that would welcome a conservative such as myself. Anyhow, I just spent so much time being angry over the last 65 days about everything that is wrong with this country that I think I suffer from PPTSD (political post traumatic stress disorder). Ok so that is not an actual condition, I made it up, but I need to rest. I, like many Americans, need to put away my 401K statement, turn off the news and enjoy what little I have to enjoy in the world. I want to take a week or so to not be angry. So thats what I am going to do. If the govt. workers of America have to take a furlough, then so will I. See you in a week or so!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wow Another One!

Seriously, is Joe Bidden vetting these people? Come on!

Earmarks! I was against it before I was for it and other stupid things

Ahhh where have I heard similar rhetoric. I was againt it before I was for it. Now, after thousands of wasteful earmarks in his $140 Billion budget, Obama says maybe it's ok to have earmarks and they arent so evil, which is a far cry from his anti-earmark sentiments on the campaign trail. This is what he said,

"But the fact is that on occasion, earmarks have been used as a vehicle for waste, and fraud and abuse. Projects have been inserted at the 11th hour, without review, and sometimes without merit, in order to satisfy the political or personal agendas of a given legislator, rather than the public interest."

Hmmm where have I seen that exact scenerio??? Ohhh I know! Your 800 BILLION dollar stimulus bill. Gosh he must really think we are all dumb or at least we all watch CNN so we dont know what's really going on!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

News of the Stupid,2933,507625,00.html

Yeah thats right Obama, you go right ahead and close Gitmo. Let these people go because they show remorse and have been rehabilitated.and should be let back out again so they can disappear into the desert to live productive lives. Just in case you aren't picking that up, that is sarcasm.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Obama to Pledge to Slash Wasteful Spending
A day after the Senate approved his $410 billion spending bill rife with earmarks, President Obama planned to outline Wednesday his proposal for cutting wasteful spending.

The truth finally comes out! Open your eyes America! This is the next 3 years and 11 months of your lives. In this time, your children, grandchildren and if this new bill goes through, your great grandchildren will be paying for it long after we are gone! if he wants to cut wasteful spending, then why pas the $41o billion spending bill which is the largest in American history with thousands of earmarks in it???

Fourth Time's a Charm? Never Heard that One!

This administration has left more Americans scratching their heads than the front row at a Britney Spears concert. It's mind boggling how idiotic they have turned out to be. I want to preface all of this by saying that we conservatives aren't just sore losers picking at every little thing wrong. These are massive bloopers that are going to do irrevocable damage to our country and will be almost impossible for anyone to fix, which is the way I think Nancy Pelosi wants it.

The most recent headline that should catch attention is the latest appointment to the cabinet nominee to be a tax cheat. Count 'em up! FOUR nominees have been tax cheats. And ONE of them went on to be appointed head of the IRS. Geitner is going to be the death of this country as he is testifying on the hill this week about this ridiculous budget. He keeps deflecting by starting and ending each sentence with "what we inherited." Yes we all know 8 years and a war increased the national debt as with any presidency, but I wonder how long the Obama administration can try to and get away with pulling the wool over people's eyes?

While one one hand he did inherit a recession but within 38 days he doubled it. Single handedly. So there is no "we inherited" to deflect attention away from what they are really doing. They are creating more and bigger government and masking it as relief. When it's all said and done, the recession will finally end as recessions are cyclical and he will unjustifiably claim victory but while we were busy watching our money tank, the honey bees, STD's, ATV trails and Frisbee golf courses and other BS programs will have saddled our children and grandchildren with debt they will never recover from. After this phony "spendulous", Obama dolls out an ADDITIONAL 75 million for housing. That is the kind of stuff that SHOULD have been in the stimulus bill! Clinton's responsible for the mess for his entitlement housing programs, getting people into houses they cant afford, so the stimulus bill should fix it. Not create hundreds of other government programs that are going to fail and just cost us more money!

Newsweek tends to lean a little to the left, but is one of the media outlets in the country which is starting to wake up and question the actions of this administration. The link goes into greater detail about why the Obama housing plan wont work. And in the end, it's tax $ that we spend that just gets sent to the dark hole vacuum that is the government.

So I really got off point 3 paragraphs ago. My point was that Ron Kirk is the latest Obama nomination who "forgot" to pay some taxes years ago. It's OK though because with Gunter as head of the IRS and who also didn't pay taxes, he should get a pass. This is all so ludicrous!! Who is vetting these people? Ronald McDonald?
Finally I want to talk about the rediculous bill he is trying to put through as we speak, which will pass undoubtedly since all the Democrats are getting thier hands dirty with pork juice. NOT the Stimulus bill, housing bill or the 3.6 TRILLION dollar budget for fiscal year 2010! The new bill. He campaigned on change and hope and fixing things and then puts through the largest spending bill EVER in American history. I am not talking about the stimulus bill. I am talking about what came after. An ADDITIONAL wasteful piece of legistlation with 4000 earmarks of pork and wasteful spending! To stand up in front of the American people and tell us to our faces that he was going to fight the lobbyists and earmarks and then to riddle this bill full of them should be a wake up call to America. This is politics as usual. There is no change or hope. This is the creation of big government which will reach it's slimy tenticals into every aspect of our lives until there is nothing free about America!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Say What???

Wow! Obama let Biden oversee the stimulus? We are in deep trouble!

I thoguht the Campaign was Over???

Well last night confused me. Either there is a space time continuum where we have gone back in time to before the election, when Obama was campaigning or he interrupted my prime time television watching for a speech that was just...oh what did he say he was fighting against....oh yeah "more of the same". It was a campaign speech filled with all kinds of "what he is going to do" rather than how he is going to do and more importantly, how are we going to pay for it all. He is a brilliant orator, I will give him that. So everyone gets all warm and tingly from his speech but forgets to actually listen to him! Last night was an example of this. There were so many times when he was wrong and flat out lied and everyone was oblivious.

To stand in front of Congress and television audiences and say there are no earmarks in the stimulus package is a slap to the face. It is also a blatant lie and everyone with a brain knows better! And it infuriates me to hear the job creation/job saved statistics when even people in his administration, economists, have said this isn't 100% accurate. And you cant determine how many jobs saved because you don't know who was in danger of loosing their jobs. For example, this week I didn't get fired. Does that mean that the stimulus saved my job? No way to determine that.

Other inaccuracies. You really think this trillion dollar stimulus is the only spending he is going to do in his first and hopefully only term? If he makes a claim about being able to cut the deficit in half based on what the deficit is now then he is not telling the whole truth. There was the home bail out package and another 4oo billion legislation coming through and we all know its not the end. So in four years, the deficit will probably be doubled. So what good is it to bring down half of what it is now and claim victory? It will merely be a drop in the bucket. And to tell us he will do it by cutting the troops in Iraq so we aren't spending money there is a farce because he already sent 170000 troops to Afghanistan. Do you think that will be free? Or over soon? No. In the end more troops will deploy and it will cost a fortune and all the democrats will shut up about the deployments because technically we pulled out of Iraq. I don't see the tree huggers up in arms about this move! I also saw Pelosi stand up and applaud whenever Obama mentioned strengthening the military. She is the biggest anti-military proponent of all!

All of his ideas are great and if they all were to happen then we would be in a better place. But they are all unrealistic and never going to happen. But what will happen is a ton of money and resources will be spent on things that will never fly and it will always be someone else's fault. You cant switch all medical offices to electronic filing on the cheap or overnight. You cant make health care government owned like the banks and now the car industry. And you cant tell us that 95% of Americans are getting a tax break when it is a mere $8-$13 a month until $800 has been reached. That isn't going to so squat! If you get $13 a paycheck and you are excited about that, then you need a new job!

The problem is that he wants to secure his place in history as a president in the same veins as Lincoln or FDR. Obama clearly loves being President. His flowery language and sound bites are proof of that. A good sound bite does not a good president make! He needs to do rather than say. Its going to be a long 3 years and 11 months!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

What a Sense of Humor our President Has!

Wow! As if learning you are only going to get $13 a week take home as part of this save the economy mess, we now learn it will start on April Fool's Day! How appropriate!!! What a funny guy that Obama is!

While the honey bees, STD research, ATV trails and frisbee golf courses get millions (which we will end up paying for later with inflation), the 95 million Americans who thought they were going to get actual relief won't sleep any easier knowing this money is coming!! It wont pay any bills I have, but I guess I can make a few trips to the dollar menu, so at least my family can "start eating out" again after the sacrafices we have made to be fiscally responsable! Nothing says enjoy this bitch slap to the face like a quater pounder with cheese.
One question Mr. Obama, will a complimentaty bottle of Vaseline be included?

The jokes on us America!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Here Comes Big Brother!

So it starts! You can say anything you want about anyone who is a conservative but the minute you excercize your first ammendment rights regarding Obama in an unfavorable way, you get harrassed and visited by the Secret Service. This is a scary story. It goes to show that he really does think he is the next coming and apparently so does law enforcement in Oklahoma.

Well at least we know that liberals agree abortion means murder!

If we can excercize our first ammedment rights in this nation then what is next I ask? The government owns the banks, the auto industry and soon the health care and education. It will get so bad that a move to Mexico will be the only way to enjoy any personal liberties that were intended to us by our forefathers! This madness has to stop! This isnt anger of loosing the election. I dont want Obama to fail because failing means America fails, but I am disgusted that tax payer dollars and resources are being used in witch hunts for conservatives instead of tracking down murders and child abusers!

File this under Give me a Break!!!!

First foreign trip as US president and Obama goes to Canada? Well that's lame? What's he doing there? Talking to the least threatening nation outside of Switzerland!!! Come on Obama! You promised change and dialogue with evil dictators. Why not go to Pakistan or North Korea since they apparently want to talk to you anyway?

It is also only a day trip. Seven hours to be exact. If you want transparency, then show us some respect and stop taking Air Force One on day trips! This week he has already flown AF1 on 2 day trips which cost the tax payers thousands of dollars. If we could only get out of debt using frequent flyer miles! (I stole that line and cant take credit for it!)

We are paying enough in taxes and even our future unborn hypothetical children are already paying taxes, so either stay longer or use telephone! Of course that doesn't make for a good photo op!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Signed, Sealed and Delivered

Well folks, in the words of Ann Coulter, "thanks America. Its been fun. Goodbye". Yesterday, in a show of pomp and circumstance (and tax payer dollars) Obama flew out to Denver to sign the most expensive piece of legislature in American history. A bill that undoubtedly no one has read, not even he. A bill that will roll out more entitlements this country has ever seen and start us down the already traveled road to socialism. The government will start making its way into every facet of our lives and it will be to our end.

On the issue of hurry up and sign this bill because we are in crisis, Obama did not get the memo. They pulled Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio from his mothers wife, using Air Force One (and our tax dollars to pay for it) so this bill could hurry up and sign and Obama waits four days and another trip on Air Force One to sign the bill in Denver. If it was so urgent that we are interrupting a funeral to sign, then why wait a few more days? Because Obama is still campaigning. This is beyond ridiculous. The bill was presented at 11pm and expected to be voted on the next day. NOT a single Senator got a chance to read this bill. It is a fleecing of the American people on all fronts. We send people to Washington to speak for us and they cant even get a chance to read legislation that is no doubt going to continue to affect us well into our ripe old ages!!!!

I read 147 pages of the revision and it was like reading another language. I understand the pork and spending packaged up and relabeled as stimulus, but nothing made me confident that this plan is going to swoop in and save American. In fact, it will do the opposite. I hope that woman from the You Tube video crying about how Obama was going to pay her mortgage is found. I want to ask her if her mortgage is $8 a paycheck, then yes he will. Otherwise, she got duped and fell victim to his pretty speeches and rhetoric. But the people who have tuberculosis and crabs can count this as a victory because Pelosi got the $345 million for tuberculosis and STD research and prevention program! It's just one of the many programs that will be started from this bill. Maybe some will create jobs but not sustainable ones. Like for example, the people who build the Frisbee golf courses and ATV trails. Is there need for all the builders once its built? More important question is why the hell there was stimulus money allocated to stupid things like Frisbee golf courses and ATV trails????

And why is no one asking Obama why an additional $75 million is going to save the housing market when that should have been most of the stimulus allocation in the first place???? Clinton started this whole mess by getting people into homes they couldn't pay for because of liberal entitlements. Now that the effects have hit, fix the problem! Not jump around screaming about the crisis while we mortgage our children and grand children's future on stupid programs! This first month has really been a strange acid trip. I cant wait to see what the next four year brings. How much idiocy can a nation handle?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

If Obama wont have a Beer with you, then I will!

Dear Sean,

I love beer. I love America. I love American beer. If Obama wont sit down with you and have a dialogue when he is willing to do so with evil dictators, then I will share a cold one with you in his place. I have about the same experience as Obama, none. Does that count?

While it is a funny story, there is a lot to be learned from this woman, God bless her. Some little woman with no agenda, just wanted to ask a question that everyone has been too afraid or unwilling to ask. It shows that the media and the left is willing to let Obama get away with anything and if you just smile and wave and yell words like "hope" and "change" then everyone will play along. Well we wont! We are tired of being abused! If this is supposed to be the administration of accountability and transparency, then be it! Answer the question why are four (4) people appointed or attempted (3 withdrew)who failed to pay taxes? How can we trust an administration who put a tax cheat as head of the IRS???? And the woman asking the question gets booed? What kind of people boo a woman for asking that question? Why don't these people want to know the answer to that?!?! Boo Obama for putting people into place who don't pay taxes and for trying to push forward a bill chalk full of earmarks and wasteful spending by trying to scare us into not reading it first!

And if Obama says he is going to have a beer with the president, then do it! If he is willing to talk to the leaders of evil terrorist nations without pre-conditions, then why wont he sit down with Sean Hannity? Is it because he knows that Sean wont be afraid to ask all the questions the media isnt asking? And then America will finally come out from under the Obama cloud and see this for what it is? The same "more of the same" Obama campaigned that he would eliminate but ha vent and doesn't plan on doing, judging by the appointments he made!

We cant be scared to question our leaders. If we dont question and challenge them ,then they cant be held accountable. So let's not let Obama pre-approve questions for his next press conference! Take real questions from real people and maybe people like Nancy and Joe the Plumber will stand up and speak for the rest of us!!

Monday, February 9, 2009


I have been sick and in a cloud and fog. Unable to think clearly, I have been absent from my blog. I am sure that wont upset the one reader I have. Anyhow, I am back in the land of the living, catching up on my reading and attending the Hamilton TWP Republicans meeting tomorrow, so you can believe there will be much to talk about. In the meantime, I am headed back to bed.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

You've Been Punked!

Any minute now, Ashton is going to jump out of the bushes and we are all going to realize the last two weeks was just another one of his stupid social experiments caught on tv. Right??? It has to be because otherwise, our new administration is the laughingstock of the world! You want change-don't expect it to come from the Clintonistas. What about the new appointees-they don't pay their taxes. All of the appointments, the closing of Gitmo and the stimulus bill that really isn't a stimulus bill are all a big fat joke. Let's break it down shall we?

First big success was to pass the bill to push back the date when analog cable switches to digital because some Americans might not be ready. How in the world can we not be ready? They have been shoving it down our throats for two years now! If someone isn't ready by now or made the necessary changes, then they don't deserve to watch TV! There are terrorists who want to kill us, a world wide recession and a war in Iraq-who freaking cares about digital cable anyway???

1. Tim Geithner for Treasury Secretary -gets sworn in even though he "forgot to pay taxes".
2.Bill Richardson for Secretary of Commerce-failed to pay his taxes and withdraws his name for consideration.
3. Tom Daschle for Head of HHS-"forgets" to pay taxes and withdraws his name.
4.Nancy Killefer for a government performance officer, also doesn't pay taxes and(you guessed it) withdrew her name for consideration.

At this rate, the campaign slogan should have been "change, because we don't pay taxes, we have some left in our pockets!"

5. And the breaking news tonight is about the possible new head of the CIA, Leon Panetta. Basically, this guy got a boatload of money from banks who later got government bail out money and also has former dealings with firms that work with national security agencies. In layman's terms, he shits where he eats. He has already got a vested interest in certain agencies because his palms have been greased.

6. He says we cant afford 4 more years of Bush, but he keeps Defence Secretary Robert Gates who was appointed by Bush.

7.Hillary Clinton-Secretary of State. Well aside from the fact that she only really cares about Hillary Clinton, her husband's dealings and more importantly financial interests with foreign leaders clearly present a conflict of interest.

8. Eric Holder-Attny General. A Washington insider for 20 years.

9. Rahm Emanuel-Chief of Staff. Veteran Clinton administration

If you add up all of the Washington experience in the Obama cabinet, it equals 60 years. Not that experience is a bad thing, but when your campaign slogan is "change in Washington" then you had better deliver change. And in truth, his administration is the same "more of the same" he accused McCain of bringing.

He has been quite passive about the entire stimulus bill and it's almost as if he is a puppet in this game and Nancy Pelosi is really pulling the strings. If this stimulus bill doesn't go to help the people who need it the most but instead just creates more useless programs, then the people will realize whether they like it or not, that we have all been duped and our children's grandchildren will be still be paying for wasteful government spending that did nothing but make the recession worse. Kudos for the House Republicans for digging in and taking a stand against this! When it fails, and it will, the Democrats will have blood on their hands and no one to blame but themselves.

I got this email today.

In Lieu of witty comment, I will share with you this remail I received. Feel free to sign it and pass it on!!!

Dear McCain Supporter,

Yesterday, the Senate began debate on an economic stimulus package that is intended to get our economy back on track and help Americans who are suffering through these difficult times. Unfortunately, the proposal on the table is big on the giveaways for the special interests and corporate high rollers, yet short on help for ordinary working Americans. I cannot and do not support the package on the table from the Democrats and the Obama Administration. Our country does not need just another spending bill, particularly not one that will load future generations with the burden of massive debt. We need a short term stimulus bill that will directly help people, create jobs, and provide a jolt to our economy. I believe we need to evaluate every bit of spending in this stimulus proposal with one important criteria - does it really stimulate the economy and help create jobs - if the answer is no, it does not belong in a so-called stimulus package. Furthermore, the stimulus must include significant direct relief to American workers in the form of payroll tax cuts and programs to help homeowners keep their homes. Finally, we need an end game to this stimulus so that when our economy recovers, these spending programs do not remain permanent and saddle our children with a skyrocketing national debt. I appreciate the discussions President Obama is having with my Republican colleagues, but the time for talking has come to an end and we must now begin some serious negotiation. But as of yet, Republicans have not been given the opportunity to be involved. The House of Representatives passed a stimulus bill without a single Republican supporting it. In the Senate, the Democrat leadership is trying to jam the existing proposal through regardless of reservations from a number of members. With so much at stake, the last thing we need is partisanship driving our attempts to turn the economy around. I have long been a fighter against wasteful spending in Washington and long an advocate for a balanced budget -- that will never change. I realize we face extraordinary challenges with our economy today, but that is not an excuse for more irresponsibly from Washington. I hope you will join me in saying no to this stimulus package as it currently exists by signing this petition. Sincerely,John McCainChair, Country First PAC .

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tom Daschle May or May Not have had some "Tax Problems"

I am beginning to think that all of Obama's appointments have either been in the Clinton White House or are involved in some shady and corrupt scandals. The latest falls into the later category. Former South Dakota Senator Tom Daschle is tapped to be the new Head of Department of Health and Human Services. And they have openly admitted they are aware he may have some "tax issues". It is reported that he failed to report $$128,203 in back taxes and $11,964 in interest, car service totaling more than $250,000, and also unreported consulting income of $88,333, in 2007. Well, let me tell you, when I don't pay my taxes, the government doesn't call it "tax issues" they call it failure to pay taxes and I get in trouble. In this case, it gets Daschle appointed head of Dept. of Health and Human Services. Funny how that works isn't it? How can be be the right man for the job when he is taking money fist over hand from speaking engagements at health care companies that would benefit from his appointment?

This isn't the first loon with "tax issues". Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, recently appointed by Obama failed to pay almost 35K in taxes as a result of what he called a "careless" error. Hasn't anyone heard of HR Block? Wow these people are either crooked or stupid. Well, in this case they could be both. If he keeps appointing idiots who go on to say stupid things, then I am going to run out of time in the day to write about them!

What's Good for the Goose???

Isn't that the saying? What's good for the goose is good for the gander? Which basically means if your president urges you to keep your heat low to conserve energy and save the planet then you would expect him to do so as well. Especially since our tax dollars are paying that electric bill. Well with Obama we have learned that he is the second coming, can walk on water, cure cancer and gets cold very easy.

Well apparently, Mr. President may want us to keep our thermostats down to save the planet and conserve energy but he gets a free pass because he is from Hawaii?? This week, his senior adviser, David Axelrod, was asked about the temperature in the White House and he didn't even bother to spin it. He said,

“He’s from Hawaii, O.K.?” “He likes it warm. You could grow orchids in there.” Now is that a slap in the face to all Americans or what? So what if he is from Hawaii? "

He was a Senator from Chicago, a city notorious for cold blistery winters. Where is the outrage? Where is Al Gore when you need him??

This is the double standard I was talking about before he was elected. If this were Bush, the tree huggers would be launching a full attack on the White House with demonstrations and somehow the ACLU would get called in and then Al Sharpton would show up and it would be a national headline. Every American would lash out for having to make such sacrifices when he did not. Well this isn't Bush anymore and we see this is the start to a long four years of excuses and get out of jail free cards. I wonder how long the public will stand for this type of hypocrisy at its finest? If you tell us what how to conserve then you damn well better get out your sweater Mr. Obama cause if I am freezing, you are going to freeze too!

In one more rant about double standards let's look at two similar scenarios. When Bush was in a foreign country and was locked out and couldn't get through the door and this week when Obama mistook a window for a door. The difference is the press. Bush was a laughingstock and made fun of. Obama's mishap was endearing and he got a pass cause "he's the new guy". IF anyone tries to tell me there is no media bias, then I will scream. It is such a double standard that it's not even funny. The American people aren't stupid. Hopefully their eyes will open to what's really happening in Washington and wont make the same mistake in 2012!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nancy Pelosi is an Idiot

Every now and then God smiles down upon us and leaves us something behind to remind us of his glory. In this case, it's video of Nancy Pelosi being an idiot while trying to explain away why $345 MILLION with a M out of the stimulus package that is going to ruin America, is going to be allocated to prevention of STD's. I didn't know that preventing the clap was the answer to our country's immediate financial crisis.

$150 million is going to honey bee insurance. I cant wait to hear her take on that one!!!!

Here Comes the Acid Trip Again!

Ever have one of those dreams where you are trying to tell someone something important and for some reason they cant/wont hear you. And if they do not hear your warning then it will mean something terrible will happen? OK, that's how I feel about President Obama's stimulus bill. It is the most absurd and wasteful bill I have ever seen. Well I am sure that I could conjure up some others, but for the time being this is #1. Lets take a look at our tax dollars hard at work shall we?

In the 819 BILLION dollars he wants to spend, he has allocated funds for areas which will not immediately stimulate the economy. I am all for education and the environment and even prevention of STD's, but don't try to pull the wool over my eyes Obama! If this is a stimulus package that is supposed to rev up the economy, then make it so. Don't add things like polar ice caps research and carbon footprint recording! None of which are going to help me make my house payment or save my job! Dont disguise big government spending as relief. If you are pushing it through the House so the money can get out as fast as possible, then why spend it on programs over periods of years? Thats not relief. Thats called wasteful spending on another agenda.

$355 BILLION of the money isnt even going to be used until after the fiscal year 2010! How is that going to help us now???? I am not saying infrastructure, education reform and enviornmental research and protection aren't important but should be in a seperate bill. If you are going to stimulate the economy NOW, then use the money to stimulate the economy NOW! Our nation is on the brink of ruin and we cant really afford to funding some tree huggers right now. $345 Million is allocated to prevention of STD's. Thank you Obama, because I didnt realize that the root of this IMMEDIATE financial crisis was the clap! That will surely jump start the economy once all STD's are erradicated!!! I hope I live to see the day!!!! $150 MILLION is going to the honey bee insurance. Now thats one I cant understand at all. I cant wait to hear Pelosi explain that one.

Seems to me somewhere Bobby Jindal and Sara Palin are sitting back thinking about how the phrase "I told you so" fits onto a campaign button!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Thank Goodness I watch TV!!!

Congratulations Mr. Obama, the first success of your administration was getting the switch from analog TV to digital TV pushed back because you feared not enough Americans would be ready. Really?!?! Well, I am not ready for another terrorist attack or global depression, what about that???!!! Who gives a crap about the TV switch. It's only been advertised about for a year now! I guess I didn't hear that part in your campaign promises about how you were going to fix the very serious problem of digital television switchover from analog. Thank you Mr. President. I can rest easy tonight.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

File this Under WTF?!?!

Obama watch Day 2. The hangover is complete and he has started working. And I will be here disecting everything good and bad. I meant what I said before, about us all coming together for the greater good of the country, but I am still free to speak my mind about the president's action. As far as I can tell, my first ammendment rights havent been taken away.....yet. Give Pelosi some time though....

So this one goes in the WTF category. Obama has promised and delivered on cutting wasteful spending in Washington. Yesterday he froze salaries of those making over 100K a year pending review. Good for him. He cut wasteful spending . He then issued a reversal of a ban on federal funding for non-governmental organizations working outside the U.S. that offer abortions or abortion counseling. So I am left scratching my head on that one.

Of course the big thing is the closing of Gitmo and the ceasing of military trials for the prisoners. Let's just step back and think about this. Anyone who thought Obama would be a centrist is now flinching. He is favoring his left winged liberal roots in full glory. He is basically flicking off the families of 9/11 victims AND those of soldiers killed or wonded in the war by saying these animals have rights???? Why dont you just do the same for the American penal system too? Hell lets give rights to all the rapists, child molesters, bank robbers and terrorists. Welcome to the next four years of our lives. Bush may not have been in favor with the liberals, but at least he kept them safe. I am making sure my mace is up to date and staying away from tall buildings! Below is a break out of the grouping the adminstration wants to lump these dangerous terrorists in to:

"Administration officials indicated they do not want detainees outside of the U.S. to get habeas corpus rights or rights similar to those enjoyed by U.S. citizens. The Obama administration will likely go to Congress for what it wants to accomplish. The order will direct that all information regarding the remaining 245 detainees be consolidated in a central repository and will create a panel to review those cases and split the detainees up into three categories......

Category one is comprised of the 70 detainees that President Bush sought to repatriate but couldn't because no country wants them, and they would likely be tortured at home. The Obama administration believes they can get foreign countries to take them." WTF????? Dump terrorists into the hands of other terrorists? What kind of kool aid has he been drinking????

Category two is the group of detainees that can be prosecuted under war crimes in Article III courts — federal courts designed to address cases that involve citizens of other countries — or tried in modified military commissions. This includes Sept. 11 planner Khalid Sheikh Mohammad. The administration would seek a stay on habeas petitions in Article III courts and continuances on the ongoing military commissions.

Category three is made up of detainees who can't be released and can't be tried. The thought is to create a panel, which could turn into a national security court, to handle these future highest-value detainees to determine prospective policy since terrorists like Al Qaeda chief Usama bin Laden will continue to be caught. When the govt creates a panel, nothing good comes out of it. A bunch of left wing weenies sitting in a room crying about civil liberties can do no good here!!!

Day 3 and I already dont feel safe!

I'm Baaaaaack

Hey to the one reader I may actually have. I am back. I took some time off to rest, regroup and step back and reflect about all the events that took place post election day. I have not been pleased with some appointments and controversies, but Obama is my president and it is up to all of us to work together for the greater good of the nation. If I turned my back on this administration then I will be no better than the liberal anti-American loons who turned their backs on American just to spite Bush. It's a display I dont think America loving conservatives sould make. We can show the left that our love for America runs deep and we wont cut off our noses to spite our faces... here is a post I made on Facebook this week and it is the kick off to the re-birth of Lamb in the Lions den.

“My affections were first for my own country, then, generally, for all mankind” Thomas JeffersonI am a little concerned by the amount of people who are saying things today like "now I am finally proud to be an American". I understand today was an important day and that it is the sign of new times, but patriotism is loving America no matter who is in office. It’s not just about politics. If you are a patriot of this great nation then you love her always. I did not vote for Obama, but now he is my president and I love this country as much as he does. So now we all work together. As he said, work together not as Republicans or Democrats, but as Americans! I am NOT going to stop being proud to be an American just because a Democrat is in office.

It's like no one listened to Obama's speech. How can we rise up and give the greatest thanks to those who came from other countries and worked their fingers to the bone so we could live better? How can we thank those who fought and died in countless wars and conflicts for us to have this day when an African American could be our president? By spitting in their faces and being patriots only when it suites us? So if you think that way today, think about how you felt when you watched the towers fall on 9/11. That day, it didn’t matter who was in office because we came together as one in a show of unity. It wasn’t until days later that it became politicized. Let's not forget that feeling. We shouldn’t have to be attacked to stand together and love this country.

" You can disagree with her leaders, but your love for her should never falter. If it does, then get your ass to Canada."