Monday, April 20, 2009


I never thought I would blog about a beauty pageant. I hate them. I think they are a terrible example for young women of the nation and world for many reasons. There is no covering them up by calling them "scholarship opportunities", let's call a spade a spade.....its a beauty pageant. Those beautiful women with marginal talent and no brains should not be representing women anywhere because they are not the norm. Having said all that, I am writing in defence of one of them. I never thought I would say that either!!

While I didn't watch the pageant last night, I couldn't get away from the controversy surrounding an answer from one of the contestants. First let me start by saying that the fact that the Miss America pageant lost any credibility by having Perez Hilton as a judge. Here is a man who makes his living tearing people down and drawing penises on people's faces. In what world is he qualified or even a representation of what the pageant stands for? He is mean and callus and I have already blogged about him before so I wont give him any more time. Anyhow, he asked Miss California about gay marriage. A question that clearly would have had a wrong answer no matter what she said. She had no chance. One way would make people mad and the other way would make people mad. But she answered honestly. While I don't agree with her answer that marriage should be between a man and a woman, I applaud her for standing on the world stage and answering honestly. As she believes. Right or wrong, that is her right as an American citizen.

Now, all the liberals are angry at her and saying it cost her the crown. We all know that's not true. Southern girls always win, that's what cost her the crown LOL. But seriously when did we become a nation of people who couldn't speak up for themselves, even if the answer is unpopular??? Isn't that the beauty of the first amendment? Are we supposed to all share the opinions of liberals because we are bad if we don't? Does this mean Miss California is going to be put on Napalitano's terrorist watch list along with returning war vets, anti-abortion activists and anti-illegal immigrant activists???

Why cant people speak their beliefs honestly without being called bigots because the "opposing view" thinks differently? If gay rights groups don't want to be judged then they SHOULD NOT judge! The whole "do onto others..." applies to everyone.

Miss California might have hurt the feelings of some people with her answer, but should she have lied? Not been true to herself so as to not hurt others? We cant walk around on egg shells fearing that we are going to hurt other people's feelings. There was no violence, no hateful words. She simply answered the question....which was a question that should not have been asked in the first place. Perez likes to stir things up and cause controversy and loves only Perez. I think I will write the Donald and tell him from now on, you should just get the questions in advance and then the contestants can just cater to the judges and this can all be even more disgusting that it is.

So, while we have different opinions, I applaud Miss California and may she actually shine in the face of controversy and finally someone from these stupid beauty pageants can ACTUALLY teach real young women a thing or two about being honest and sticking to your beliefs no matter what the price!

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