Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sad day in Indiana

And on MSNBC also....Elkhart, IN the place that Obama flew to and promised to save is reporting the highest unemployment rates in the country. He stood on a platform and waved his hands and spoke from a teleprompter and injected false hope into a community of blue collar workers with no other prospects. And now they are aren't feeling the warm fuzzies as before. Of course, MSNBC doesnt report the fallout just the numbers. Recently, Mike Huckabee took his show to Elkhart to interview the real people there...workers laid off and who have nothing left to fall back on. They were discourage, hurt and wondered when the help promised would get to them. The bosses at some factories even admitted they would have to lay off more workers and that his plan wasnt realistic.

I want to re-iterate that I do not want Obama to fail because that would mean so would this great nation. What I want to happen is for people to open thier eyes and see that this is not the hope and change they were promised. And now they are in the hole for much more because of this stupid "spenduluous" that didnt do anything!

And it's not just Elkhart, it's lots of places. The Pacific Northwest has seen its highest unemployment rates ever. Well yes, yes, we all know you inherited the recession, but you made it worse with a fake stimulus bill that only grew the federal government and made each and every American, regardless of combined household income, owe more money than ever before. Soon, we will all just be working to pay taxes. It already seems like that in New Jersey!

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