Thursday, April 9, 2009

Illegals Should get a One Way Ticket Home! Figuratively of Course, not at Tax Payer Dollars!

The link above goes on in more detail about Obama and his wanting to make illegal immigrants "come out of the shadows" and get on a path to citizenship. I am all for people coming to this country to realize the American dream. We are all descendants of those people. People who came to get jobs, work and provide a better life for their kids. I get it. What I also get is that they assimilate, learn the language, pay taxes and live within the constraint of the law. These are the people which I support fully. People who come to this country illegally and then drain our resources...hospitals, jails, etc ALL of which we pay for in more and more taxes are the ones I have a problem with. First and foremost, they have committed an illegal act. They have illegally entered this country. As cruel as this must sound, they don't deserve citizenship or the chance to redeem themselves! I don't care that they take the jobs Americans don't want. They drain our resources and we pay for it while the govt. turns a blind eye.

If Obama gets his way and this legislation passes, it is not only going to make us worse for the wear but it will open the doors to other questions. The main one being, "if we are forgiving the illegal act of immigrants...then why not other criminals?" If you break the law, you get punished. That's the way it is and should be! We cant make exceptions for anyone. At any time.

The commenter's on this link are all right and I think most Americans would agree that this is a selfish act. Democrats court the poor and downtrodden vote. If there are 20 million illegals in this country, then that's 20 million votes for another Obama term. It's so blatantly selfish of him to jeopardize our country for the sake of control of the country. Its also a damned shame.

Obama might be a great speaker and a bigger than life character, but he has really made a mess of things. This first 100 days should have solely been focused on the economy. Getting jobs and houses back to Americans. Its the problem that started this mess in the first place, its also the first place he should have started when trying to fix it. Not jump all over the place. I get whiplash when I think about how often he jumps from one thing to another. But you know as admirable as it is to want to change everything, you don't have to change everything in the first 100 days. And you cant jump from one thing to another. You have to follow through and stay the course until its complete.

Since I am talking about jumping, I will touch on 2 items that really irritate me. #1 is that Obama overturned the law that states the press cant get in to witness the bringing home of the fallen soldiers. I know the families can now give permission and that's the only way they can get it, but this was also a purely selfish move. Its not to honor the dead, its to further his agenda. At one time it was to bring soldiers home from Iraq. Now he is just moving them to Afghanistan. But that's another blog for another day. This is about the privacy of the dead soldiers. I don't think, even with the families permission, that anyone outside of the family and the military unit bringing them home should be there. It's about honoring the dead-not making a spectacle or furthering an agenda. It really bothers me.

Second and final point is that Obama made a surprise trip to Iraq this week. He was syrupy sweet and full of love and admiration for the troops, as he should be. But he all but declared victory in Iraq. He kept saying "we" and "us" as if he weren't a former Senator who voted against the war and the surge. Now he is claiming victory? No sir. While I always thought this war was on the wrong front, it is Mr. Bush who gets to claim victory. Not you.

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Michael Faulkner PhD said...

Once again the actions of Obama should not come as a surpise. He signaled his intention as a state senator, US senator, and presidential candidate.

He is a far left "book learned" socialist. All he knows about socialism he learned from text books and from an dead beat, political hack father who spent most of his life in an perverse, paranoic alcholic stupor.

He is in the metaphoric sense and the actual realm a sheep. He has no sense of individual thought, or the importance of the individual. Obama can only think and behave in terms of the collective - the flock - sheep who look alike, act alike, bleat alike, dress alike, think alike, behave alike, move alike, vote alike, hate alike.. their world view is heads down, eat till the shepard halts us for the night.

Immigration is another Obama sheep decision. Bring in more sheep to the flock. They will vote like the other sheep, take entitlements like other sheep, drain the community resources (and not replentish) like the other sheep. If you have not read the case history the "Tragedy of the Commons" GOOGLE it and see whay you think of the analogy.

Of course the sheep will bleat and cry, and whine, and wring their hands, and wet the bed over the Libertarian view that illegal immigrants have BROKEN THE LAW.

When you break the law the tradition for 10,000 years of Western civilization is you pay the price. Obama wants to alter 10,000 years of human history (I guess being editor of the law review in college gives him God like authority)and wipe away the illegal acts of these people. Why because they are "good and decent people". Well, Jessie James was once a good and decent person, so were the two boys who killed 23 people at Collumbine HS.

Since 1850, America has opened its doors to immigrants form all over the world. For the most part, immigrants came here following the laws of our immigration and respected our borders. What followed was a long and sometimes difficult process of acculturation and assimilation to become an AMERICAN CITIZEN. Sometimes people opted to keep a hyphen for cultural purposes within their own communities, e.g. Italian-American, Polish- American and German-American. However, the vast majority recognized they were giving up the sending country ways and language and becoming ENGLISH SPEAKING AMERICANS.

Today, 75% of all immigrants come from the Western hemisphere and 75%of that number from Mexico. They come with one foot in America and one foot in their home countries. Our liberal, pussy-footed, political correct, don't offend any cultural minority no matter how small or insginificant, approach makes immigration to American more like Club America. Come when you want, however you want, stay for as long as you want, do what you want, take what you want, leave when you want, and don't bother with trivial matters such as aculuturation, assimilation, voting, learning the language, getting a job other than by standing on a street corner.

The sheep will welcome illegals becasue it builde the flock and helps protect against the wolves. But believe me, the wolves are coming.