Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's Been a Long Time my Old Friend

It's been a while since I have blogged. For my own sanity and blood pressure, that's a good thing. I apologize to the two people who might actually read this but my absence was absolutely necessary. But I am back, who knows for how long. I am going to dedicate this first post to pop culture.

I can start with my favorite (sarcasm) celebrity blogger Perez Hilton. He got his face beat up. While I don't condone violence, I can say that karma is a real bitch! Here is a man who went after Isaiah Washington for saying the word fa&&ot and then after Miss California for her traditional marriage answer. He was such the martyr after that. Perez practically made himself the poster boy for gay rights and then to openly call another gay man a derogatory name in public? Well quite frankly I think that he got what he deserved and I dont know why it took this long. I wont waste time on him as I dont want to contribute anymore to his 15 minutes of fame, but I read on all reports that he Tweeted and blogged about being attacked and asked for his readers to call 911. How stupid is he? Doesn't he have a phone? Why cant he dial 911 himself? By asking hundreds of people to clog the lines, he is taking resources away from REAL emergencies. This is all proof that he is a selfish, self centered ego maniac. He makes a living drawing penis's on the faces of people he doesn't like and tearing people down. And who is he? A fat slob with a computer.

It's a shame I cant be done talking about him. Unless you were living under a rock, then you know that he was FOR SOME REASON a judge in the Miss American pageant. He again took a public opportunity to make it about himself. He asked Carrie Pujean, Miss California contestant, about her views of gay marriage. Miss California answered honestly but without malicious intent and/or insult or injury. She simply answered the way she felt. She stated that while gay couples should have equal rights, that marriage is defined as between a woman and a man. Whether we agree with her content or not, she has the first Amendment right to speak freely without judgement or punishment. Of course for the first time in my life, the ACLU agreed with me. She was drug through the mud mercilessly and insulted and called names of the most tasteless kind. I found it very hypocritical of people who are fighting to not be judged and who just want to be treated equally, would then turn around and treat someone like that. But that's Hollywood and nothing should surprise you about that. And of course, as planned, Perez found himself a martyr once again. He put himself in the spotlight as the downtrodden victim of it all and shamelessly used the smearing of a young woman to gain popularity for himself and his interests. In the end, another Miss California was crowned. Its a he said/she said issue and we wont know why Carrie was fired so I wont rush to any conclusions, but here is where it gets ironic......

The new Miss California, while being interviewed on Gretta's show, was asked the same question and after some flowery language said "It should be up to the voters." Well duh. They voted already and said no. Again disagree or agree with the definition of traditional marriage, it sounds like the new Miss California has the same stance as the old Miss California, just worded it differently. Only in America!!!

And then there was the Letterman thing. Which I think was over politicized on all sides. He made a tasteless comment about her young daughter and should have apologized and finally did. At first there was confusion about his statement because she was with her younger daughter, Willow, was is 14. And to say what he said about her daughter was not only tasteless but if he did mean her, then it was illegal. Then he cleared up his statement and said he was talking about the 17 year old Bristol. Some liberal actually said, well that's OK because she had a baby out of wedlock! Are you kidding me???? It's OK to make a demeaning statement about a young woman because she made a mistake? So it's like the "she asked for it" mentality? How dare they! Look I didn't make a big deal and I wasn't calling for him to be fired, I just want people to know its not funny to say such things. I don't care if you make a living as a comedian, you can make fun of parents, but stay away form the kids-especially when the comment is sexual in nature. It was pretty low rent on Letterman's part, but he apologized even if it was half assed. Then Gov. Palin accepted his apology and that should have been the end of it. Some people were still protesting afterwards which kind of made them look pathetic. There hearts were in the right place, but they should have squashed the protest and just started a nasty letter writing campaign to CBS or something.

I will post again soon. Back to work, while I still have a job.

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