Monday, March 30, 2009

Well Rested and Mentally Sound

I had to take some time off and just calm down. I inherited my fathers sense of justice and passion about the things in which I believe and sometimes it's to my detriment.

I don't wish ill upon anyone and I hope it's not true and I cant substantiate this story, but if it is true, then my point about double standards in politics is front and center. You know the left will not condemn her as they did Bristol Palin. There will be no late night jokes or condemnation in gossip magazines and sites. And correct me if I am wrong, but cocaine is illegal. Teen pregnancy is not. So let's see how the press treats the daughter of the VP if this comes out to be true. I am not going to waste any time on it because it hasnt been proven and it doesnt mean anything to our country other than a double standard in the press.

So back to serious issues that actually matter.

For all the talk about change and the past 8 years blah blah blah, Obama has either kept or "put off" changing Bush policies...except the tax breaks which is to be expected because that's all he and his cronies are doing. Endebting us to China and bankrupting this nation on the backs of future generations. I see now that he doesnt intend to pull out of Iraq completely, but is also ramping up forces in Afghanistan. He changed the name of the operation so it's not a war on terror now, it is a "contingent overseas operation" or something equally PC and lame. These people dont get rights and we shouldnt tip toe around them! They are lethal killers set on destroying us. Let's call it what it is....a war on terror. And for all those people who thought Obama was going to bring our men and women home...get used to another disappointment from the "change and hope" you believed in but slowly are realizing you aren't going to get!

His 310 budget is going to be the final nail in the coffin and thats just the budget for fiscal year 2010! It doesnt include the other billions and trillions he has given away and as we can all see, democrat or republican, hasnt done anything. Unemployment rates are higher than ever, people are still loosing thier homes and people are going without health care. He flies the Air Force One around for his photo ops, but 25 saved jobs do not a success make. Caterpillar is laying off more employees, in the very town he went on tv to claim he was going to save. The AIG bailout was disastrous and now some of the bonuses have been returned, but The Secy of Treasury knew about them and let it happen. He is a moron and should be fired. He is the one person who was nominated and then made it through the vetting process to be appointed. As I mentioned before in a previous post, all others were 2nd and even 3rd choices. Now there is another one. The head of the EPA withdrew his nomination because of reports he "mismanaged" funds. Hmmm....

Now North Korea is going to fire a missile and we openly admitted that the US isnt prepared to do anything about it. Wow! I am no military strategist, but that sounds like the dumbest thing to say in the face of some of the most dangeourous people in the world! And Obama is off at the G20 summit where a few months ago he was president of the world and now after all the failures and broken promises, he has been called the one who has US on the road to hell. How quickly the bloom feel off the rose. As I mention over and over, I dont want Obama to fail. I dont get any satisfaction out of the "I told you so's". I love his country and I want it to be as glorious as she was intended to be by our forefathers. What I want to happen is people to open their eyes to see that this is poltics as usual and not the right direction for this country. Another 4 years and we will be speaking Chinese!! We have to keep voting these people out of office who have no intention of making this a better place to live, but care more for furthering thier agenda.

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